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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Portage?

Here we are going to be discussing the most common issues that the tree population in Portage face. Protecting our trees is a challenge that requires constant collaboration with several state and federal agencies, our local extension offices, and of course our information and solutions provided by the top universities in the State of Michigan. All of these facets must work well together to achieve the common goal of taking the steps needed to take good care of our urban canopy.

According to recent reports from both of those levels, invasive insects and diseases are the most pressing matters for our tree population. Here are some invasive species of insects that need our attention.

  • Asian Long Horn Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis). While this insect infests many species of trees including, Ash, Sycamore, and Birch just to name a few, its favorite is Maple. The larvae feed and travel through tunnels in the bark of the tree eventually killing it.
  • Balsam Wolly Adelgid (Adelis piceae). This insect prefers to attack fir trees like the Balsam Fir and Douglas Fir both of which are native to Michigan. These insects will feed on the sap of the tree and soon signs will develop, such as twig gouting, eventually causing the branches to die.
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys). The “Stink Bug” affects fruit trees and ornamentals and can cause significant damage inside your home.
  • Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis). These tree invaders appear like shiny metallic green grasshoppers that will attack the leaves of a tree as an adult, and feed on the soft tissue underneath the bark of the tree when in larvae form.
  • Gypsy Moth (Limantria dispar). Gypsy Moth caterpillars feed on the leafy vegetation of a tree and if left unattended will quickly destroy the canopy of a tree.
  • Japanese Beetle (Popilla japonica). These beetles will consume the leaves of ornamental trees and impact vegetable crops.
  • Spotted Lantern Fly (Lycorma delicatula). These insects feed on the sap of oak, pine, and orchard trees. The spot where the insect enters the tree will become infected and the excrement from these flies causes mold to grow on the leaves of the tree they are attacking.

Those are the insects that are causing repeated problems in the trees of Portage. Now, let’s take a look at some of the diseases that affect the Portage tree population.

  • Beech Bark Disease (Cryptococcus fagisuga Neonectria). This disease is both an infestation by insect larvae and a disease that will attack the tree through the bark. It can be identified by the large cankers that form where the disease is beginning to take hold of the tree. Another sign is the large amount of molded white spots that indicate that both the disease and the larvae from the Beech Bark Beetle are present.
  • Oak Wilt (Bretziella fagacearum). This disease affects the mighty red and white oaks causing them to drop their leaves prematurely and easily spreads to any nearby oaks.
  • Thousand Cankers Disease (Pityophthorus juglandis Geosmithia morbida). This disease originates from a southwest native insect and attacks the population of Black Walnut trees in Michigan, a valuable ecological and economic resource.

Several state and local groups are presently trying to address the issues caused by these insects and diseases. If this sounds like some issues you are having with your trees, you should call our arborists for assistance immediately. 

Does the City of Portage Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In August 2020, The City of Portage sent out a newsletter in which there was a framework for a tree ordinance that was being considered at the time. In that newsletter, there were several points that were going to be addressed should the city council choose to vote the ordinance into City of Portage law. However, there was no mention at the time for any type of tree removal assistance. There was the process of applying for a tree removal permit, and the steps required to fulfill that permit.

On September 14, 2020, the City of Portage adopted the new ordinance to oversee the health and welfare of the trees in the greater Portage area. It replaced the older version of the city’s tree ordinance and there again, was no mention of a tree removal service provided by the city. However, there is in place a brush pick-up service, as well as a designated location in the town of Portage that you can drop off your brush at any given time Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

Other than a brush pick up day in January, April, July, October, three collections of fall leaves in the designated neighborhood zones, and a spring-cleaning pick up program each year, there is no specific mention that the City of Portage will provide pick up service explicitly for tree removal debris.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Portage?

Michigan’s law states that if your neighbor has a tree that hangs over onto your property, you can trim the tree back beyond the property line. Then if the tree dies because of the trimming being done wrong, you could face a fine as high as $20,000 and up to 5 years in prison. These issues will come out a lot better if you and your neighbor can come to an agreement beforehand.

If you’re a homeowner?

The City of Portage requires you to get a permit for tree trimming. If you own the property that your home is sitting on, then you own the tree. Just be sure that you have a permit and that you have thoroughly researched Michigan’s laws regarding the issue.

If you’re a renter?

If you rent a home in the greater Portage area, keep the lines of communication open with whomever you pay your rent to. Do not automatically assume that simply because you rent, you have the right to trim the trees and shrubs. If your landlord or other entity that you pay rent to can agree, get it all in writing and proceed. Just do not forget to contact the City of Portage and check on the steps you need to take for a tree removal permit.

If you’re a landlord?

If you are a Portage landlord, you probably have already researched a few laws pertaining to you and your renters. Add yourself another piece to read in your landlord exploits. Know the laws and apply the laws. Keep a good line of communication open with your renter, and let them know that if they have any questions or concerns regarding a tree, to call you first. After all, you are wholly responsible for your trees.

If you’re a neighbor?

Keep this in mind. In the State of Michigan, if your neighbor’s tree is hanging over on your side of the property line, you do have the right to call us to trim that tree back to the line without incident. It is when those actions kill the tree that there can be legal repercussions. That’s why calling our professionals is a better option than DIY trimming..

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Portage?

Did you know that the state soil for the state of Michigan is not soil at all? When the glaciers exceeded from the last ice age, they left large amounts of Kalkaska Sand and lots of iron that gives this sand a golden honey type color. This sand also supports a variety of plant life, including being healthy for the trees in Michigan to thrive in. That could be why there are so many acres of timberland in the State of Michigan. 

The latest soil analysis for the City of Portage is a clear indicator that the soil in this area is good for the overall health of our trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Portage?

The greatest threat to the tree population in Portage other than disease and invasive insects would have to be its geographical location in respect to the Great Lakes region. Gale force winds sometimes blow through these areas and nothing is safe, particularly a tree. Those freak afternoon thunderstorms can blow in and quickly develop, and sometimes can spout tornadoes. While there is no real data to support a claim, either way, there will be trees that will need to be removed from storm and wind damage.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Portage?

The easiest way to report a tree on a power line in the greater Portage area is by calling Upper Peninsula Power Company at (906) 449-2011 or (800) 562-7809 and follow the prompts and report the problem. You may also use the online tool for reporting these types of potential power outages. Keep safe and let the professionals from the power company deal with your tree that has come down on their lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Portage?

When the time comes to have our team of dedicated professionals come to your home to remove a problematic tree, do you have any idea how much it will cost? That is what we will end or guide with – the costs associated with tree removal in Portage, Michigan.

  • Average minimum cost – $278.
  • Average maximum cost – $1,984.
  • Average price paid – $681.

These averages also include the following:

  • The average labor costs associated with a medium tree removal in Portage, Michigan.
  • The average costs associated with materials and equipment for tree removal in Portage, Michigan.
  • The project costs for tree removal, such as site preparation and clean-up in Portage, Michigan.

However, they do not include the following:

  • The permits that will be required by the City of Portage for tree removal.
  • Sales taxes on material and supplies from Kalamazoo County and Michigan State.
  • Sales taxes on material and supplies from the City of Portage.

The following are a few cost factors that could cause your final price for tree removal in Portage to increase, or possibly decrease.

How Big Is Your Tree?

Those figures above were considering a medium-sized tree was removed. If your tree happens to be a large majestic oak some 60 to 80 feet tall, it will probably cost a bit more.

Did Your Tree Cause Any Damage?

If the tree you are about to have removed came down on your living room, your car, or your neighbors home, it is going to cost more. Of course. But in this case, you should first call your homeowner’s insurance policy provider and explain the situation. They may need to come and take pictures before you have the tree removed.

Is the Tree Already Down?

Is your tree removal project going to be a simple tree clean-up project? If so, you may save some on the labor charge if all that needs doing is a clean-up job. On the other hand, if you have a 60-foot tall dead tree that needs to come down in small controllable pieces, there may a bit more labor involved. Just be prepared either way.


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