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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Saginaw?

Saginaw is a city in Mid-Michigan known for its diversity, the great lakes, and the celebrities born here, including Serena Williams, S. Epatha Merkerson, and Stevie Wonder. However, even though the area has always had various attractions, its vegetation and trees put Saginaw on the map. In fact, in the late 1880s, Saginaw was an essential factor in the country’s timber trade, especially with three rivers converging into the Saginaw River, which made transportation of these pines relatively easy.

Today, the timber trade may not be as booming as it once was, but it does not mean that trees are not an essential part of the City. In truth, even though the City has unlimited sites that bring tourists and residents to the area, it is its gorgeous foliage that genuinely brings the town to life. That is why it is so important that homeowners learn more about the common tree diseases the area has to deal with to protect their plants and trees all year round.


Anthracnose is a fungal disease that is a severe threat to trees in the area. It often attacks deciduous trees, including oak, maple, sycamore, birch, and ash trees, resulting in various symptoms. However, once the disease starts to spread, it causes damage quickly to the tree’s leaves and ultimately causes them to drop prematurely. Since this fungus tends to thrive in cool and moist conditions, it is pretty prevalent in Michigan. 

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a tree condition that results from fungus eating away at the tree from the inside. Even though it can affect any type of oak tree, it tends to go after red and white oak trees more frequently. Symptoms of this disease tend to appear in late June through September, with the affected trees suddenly beginning to wilt and rapidly dropping their leaves.

Once homeowners see these symptoms, they should contact us quickly, as oak wilt can kill the tree rather quickly, in some instances even within a few weeks of the infection. 

Tree Canker

A tree canker is a good indicator that the tree is suffering from some sort of infection. Cankers usually form around a bacterial or fungal infection and cause liquid oozing from the tree with a foul smell. These cankers appear as isolated dead areas on stems, branches, twigs, or bark but can also occur as depressed or discolored areas on the bark. Although these cankers can make the tree less appealing, they can also make the tree highly vulnerable to fungus, insects, and bacteria.

Does the City of Saginaw Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In Saginaw, tree trimming activities are performed on city streets with the right-of-way to eliminate dangerous and dead branches. These tree removal services are completed on an as-needed basis to destroy diseased, harmful, or dead trees. However, it is essential to note that these services are only performed on city-owned streets. 

That is why if you want to report a hazardous tree in the right-of-way, make sure you contact the City’s Call Center at 989-399-1311 as soon as possible. However, please also make sure to indicate the nearest address when reporting this tree. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Saginaw?

In Saginaw, homeowners are responsible for taking care of their plants, private trees, and flowers. Yet, if a tree falls onto someone’s property, determining responsibility for the damages the tree causes is not as straightforward as many people expect it to be. In truth, liability will often depend on the situation. Take, for instance, the following:

If You’re a Homeowner?

If a tree falls in Michigan because of natural causes such as severe winds, the property owner of the place where the tree has fallen will often be held liable for taking care of the tree. Yet, it is also important to note that the State requires that property owners reasonably care for their trees to prevent them from damaging another person’s property. As a result, if a property owner notices signs of instability, weakness, or disease, they need to make corrections to the tree within a reasonable period. Otherwise, they can be held liable for the costs associated with the fallen tree.  

If You’re a Renter?

Before a renter moves into a property, they will enter into a property agreement with the landlord. This agreement will discuss how each party will be responsible for taking care of the property. However, suppose issues arise that are not mentioned in the contract. In that case, the landlord will often be responsible for making necessary repairs, while the renter will maintain the premises. Consequently, it will likely go beyond the renter’s responsibility and become the landlord’s issue if a tree falls.

If You’re a Landlord?

As previously discussed, the landlord will be held accountable for taking care of the fallen tree unless a property agreement states otherwise. As a result, the landlord will often be on the hook for costs associated with removing the fallen tree.

If You’re a Neighbor?

Typically, a property owner will be liable for the costs associated with removing a fallen tree from a neighbor’s property if they knew or had reason to know that their tree was dangerous, diseased, or dying. This means that if a tree fell onto a neighbor’s property and there were no known issues with it when it dropped, the property owner will not be liable for these costs. Instead, the neighbor will be responsible for the expenses related to the fallen tree.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Saginaw?

Michigan is known for its variety of soils that differ depending on which part of the state. For example, most of the northern and western portions of the Lower Peninsula are dominated by sandy soils, while the southern Lower Peninsula is made up of clay and loam soils. However, in Saginaw, a good portion of the soils are silty clay loams and sandy loams of moderate fertility. 

Generally, loam soils are best for plant growth since they are made up of clay, silt, and sand, which allows the plant to thrive because of these desirable characteristics. In addition, clay soils often hold moisture better than sandy soils and tend to be more fertile. However, these clay soils tend to swell when it gets wet, limiting the water movement in the roots. Plus, when it dries, the clay soil will often crack and become challenging to manage. For these reasons, property owners need to plant trees that can handle these unique soil types. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Saginaw?

The State of Michigan is classified as having a humid continental climate, which means that it has distinct winters and summers, with an even distribution of precipitation throughout the year. As a result, temperatures in Saginaw can often swing from extreme cold to hot depending on the season but tend to average around 20 degrees in January and 75 degrees in July.

Consequently, homeowners must plant tree types that can handle this changing climate, such as:

  • Blackgum Trees
  • Hickory Trees
  • Maple Trees
  • Oak Trees
  • Basswood Trees
  • Kentucky Coffeetree
  • Hornbeam Trees

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Saginaw?

According to the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), electric utilities are responsible for trimming trees and branches near power lines. That is why utility companies like Consumers Energy work year-round to trim dangerous trees away from the power lines. 

Customers depend on the company to deliver safe and reliable electricity. Their expert Tree Management Team follows established forestry guidelines to ensure that trees do not interrupt services by using qualified line-clearance contractors to safely clear vegetation and trees that could interfere with power lines. 

Yet, although Consumer Energy follows a trimming schedule, if you have a dead tree on your property near your power lines, you need to act fast and schedule a temporary service disconnect by calling 800-477-5050 so that we can come and remove the tree for you. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Saginaw?

In Saginaw, the cost of removing a tree will vary between $150 and $2,100, depending on several factors, including the tree’s health, the equipment needed to remove the tree, and the overall size of the tree. The average cost falls around $690. However, to ensure you get the best price and better prepare yourself to cover these expenses, it is vital to learn more about these different cost elements that can impact the job’s overall fees. 

The Overall Size of the Tree

The average price to cut a tree is around $700 in Saginaw. However, this price can vary depending on the overall size of the tree. For example, small trees can cost anywhere from $150 to $500 to cut down, while large trees can cost homeowners upwards of $2,000 to remove. 

The Area Surrounding the Tree and the Tree’s Accessibility

Another critical factor you need to stay aware of includes the tree’s accessibility and the area surrounding the tree. For instance, if the tree:

  • Is situated behind a fence or garden
  • Is located next to power lines
  • Is located on a small property, which is difficult for our crew to access, or 
  • Is located in an area where removing the debris will be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process

Then you may be looking at a significantly more expensive bill, as each of these factors can create many issues for our specialists. 

The Overall Health of the Tree

If your tree is dead, sick, dying, or at risk of falling over, we may need to implement certain safety precautions and use special equipment to ensure that injury can be prevented when the tree is being removed. However, if this special care is required, it may increase the overall cost of the job.


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