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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Citrus Heights?

Trees play a major role in making Citrus Heights such a livable and enjoyable city, especially our native oak trees. They provide us with shade and cleaner air while also sheltering the entire ecosystems of birds and animals. Healthy trees can also substantially increase the value of your Citrus Heights property. 

Homeowners do have to contend with a number of challenges with their trees including pests, diseases, and the recurrent droughts that have hit the Sacramento Valley in recent years. Trees will also sometimes have to be removed especially if they’re not in good shape and likely to get knocked down during a storm. Here are the most common tree issues that we deal with in Citrus Heights. 

Pests and Diseases 

Trees in Citrus Heights can get infected with many types of bacterial or fungal infections that are transmissible from tree to tree. These types of pathogens often spread through root contact between nearby trees, or they can even be carried along on currents of wind. Oak trees in Citrus Heights are susceptible to oak anthracnose, a fungal infection that affects the leaves, causing them to turn brown and drop all at once. Anthracnose is not itself fatal, but defoliated trees are extremely weak and vulnerable to catching more serious infections. They’re also more likely to attract dangerous pests like aphids, tussock moths, and bark beetles. 

The good news is that trees do have what could be described as an immune system that defends them from these kinds of threats. That’s why healthier trees are much less likely to catch illnesses, while weaker trees tend to deteriorate quickly. Trees that are too far gone because of pests or diseases will become a falling hazard and have to be professionally removed by someone like Tree Triage. 


Long dry periods are becoming increasingly common in the Sacramento Valley, and throughout California. Drought is a major stressor for most trees especially in the long term. They become weaker and will be much more susceptible to catching an infection or being infested by pests. Many homeowners will want to water certain species of trees that really struggle without enough water, like birch or maple trees. The same goes for younger trees which need a lot of water to develop and can easily die during a drought. 

Mature established oak trees are extremely drought-resistant which is why they do so well in our region. It’s usually not necessary to water them and, if you do, it should be with the guidance of our arborists. Overwatering can actually cause its own set of problems, like promoting the growth of bacteria around the roots. 

Unmanaged Growth 

The best thing you can do for the long-term health of all trees on your property is getting them pruned by a skilled arborist like ours, either annually or every other year, depending on the species. Pruning trees is like giving them a much-needed haircut, but it has many benefits beyond just aesthetics. Getting rid of diseased or weak branches that are likely to attract pests is a crucial way of protecting your tree. It also stimulates a burst of healthy new growth, which makes the tree stronger overall. Pruned trees are more attractive, get fewer diseases and have a longer lifespan than trees that are allowed to grow wild. 

Problematic Trees

Trees are a fantastic asset for any property, but they can also cause a wide range of issues. Tall trees can also interfere with utility lines or scrape against your home’s siding. Large trees with aggressive roots are notorious for causing damage to foundations, which is why they should never be planted within 30 feet of any home or business. Trees that are weakened by disease are the biggest problem of all since they become very likely to collapse during a storm.

Does the City of Citrus Heights Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Problematic trees on public land are handled by the city, but there’s no assistance for tree removals located on private property. The City of Citrus Heights does require residents to apply for a tree removal permit for protected trees, especially for mature native oaks. Yes, even trees on private land are subject to regulation! That’s because trees are considered a communal resource, and mature trees are the most valuable and useful. Trees are essential for absorbing carbon dioxide, reducing soil erosion, contributing to the overall attractiveness of the city, and many more functions. 

Along with oak trees, mature trees of many other species that measure over 19 inches in diameter are also protected. But there are some exceptions that don’t require a permit for removal, like fruit trees, pines, cottonwoods, or alder trees.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Citrus Heights?

We have pretty mild weather throughout the Sacramento Valley, but there are occasional strong storms throughout the winter that can knock down trees. This is much more likely to happen with trees that are structurally compromised whether by disease, old age, or being damaged in a previous storm. Of course, even healthy trees can fall from the relentless wind speeds during extreme weather, so there’s no real way to completely prevent this problem. Fallen trees are known to attract termites and other pests which is why removing them should definitely be a priority. But who’s considered legally responsible in Citrus Heights? It’s usually going to be the owner of the property where the tree was located but there are exceptions. 

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners are responsible for any form of maintenance that may be needed for the trees located on their property. This would include trimming branches that can interfere with power lines, removal of trees that are a potential falling hazard, and also dealing with collapsed trees that fall during a storm. Many insurance policies will reimburse you for fallen trees, especially if the tree fell on your home and caused any damage.

Keep in mind that trees that collapse because they were in very poor condition, and should already have been removed, will not be covered by most insurers. This scenario is actually considered negligence on the part of the homeowner.

If you’re a renter?

It’s common for renters in Citrus Heights to have some basic lawn maintenance included in the terms of their lease. However, you’re not responsible for major upkeep on the property, and fallen tree removals are as major as it gets. This is a situation that the owner of the property will need to handle. 

If you’re a landlord?

The removal of fallen trees on your rental property is your responsibility, but the expenses will likely be reimbursed by your homeowner’s insurance. However, covering a structurally compromised tree that collapsed is a tough sell with most insurers. This is why hazardous trees should always be removed sooner rather than later.

 If you’re a neighbor?

Sometimes trees get knocked down in a way that crosses property boundaries, leaving them sprawled partly in a neighboring yard. This scenario is definitely not unheard of in Citrus Heights and the outcome will depend on the condition of the tree. If a healthy tree falls because of extreme weather then it’s not really anyone’s fault and no one is held liable. This means that each neighbor or their respective insurers will pay for the removal of whatever portion of the tree landed on their yard. Fallen trees in visibly poor condition are a different story and your neighbor could be held legally responsible.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Citrus Heights?

Trees absorb their water, nutrients, and even oxygen via root contact with the soil, which makes healthy soil incredibly important for growing healthy trees. The soil type in Citrus Heights is mostly a well-draining sandy loam that’s very common throughout this part of the Sacramento Valley. The city is also located in a region that contains peat deposits, which makes the soil very rich and fertile. 

While Citrus Heights has great soil, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to nourishing your trees. The best way to boost soil on your property is to add more organic matter, which can be composted yard waste or even veggie scraps from your kitchen. As these materials break down, they increase the microbial activity in the soil and enrich your trees with a wealth of vitamins and minerals. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Citrus Heights?

Citrus Heights has rainy winters, very dry summers, and a generally mild climate. The biggest way that the weather has affected tree health in recent years has been with frequent and long periods of drought. Drought-stressed trees are vulnerable to a wide range of diseases and pest infestations, and they sometimes need to be watered in order to survive. Adding mulch around the base of your trees helps them hold on to more water, which is an excellent way to help them do better during drought conditions. SMUD offers all residents of Sacramento County free wood chips that work really well for mulching, and all you have to do is go and pick it up. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Citrus Heights?

Dead trees are rotting from the inside out, and they also commonly get infested with drywood termites. This makes them so unstable that they can fall all by themselves, let alone from strong winds during a storm. Trees that collapsed onto power lines are one of the main causes of service outages, and it also creates an extremely unsafe situation for anyone nearby. 

SMUD has a Vegetation Management team that trims or removes trees that can impact power lines, but they won’t catch every single problematic tree. If you notice a dead (or dying tree) perilously close to power lines, contact SMUD to let them know about the problem. If the tree is already down, definitely don’t go anywhere near the downed power lines or you risk being electrocuted. Instead, you should call SMUD at 888-456-7683, or alert 911. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Citrus Heights?

The price of any tree removal will generally reflect how much effort our team has to spend on the project, and whether we need any special equipment. Homeowners in Citrus Heights should expect to pay somewhere between $200 for the removal of a very small tree to over $2,000 for a tree that’s over 80 feet tall. The average cost is right around $680. Here are the most important elements that go into your estimate. 


This is definitely the biggest factor in the cost of tree removal services because taller, bigger trees are always more work-intensive. Depending on the situation, we may use a rigging system to climb the tree and make the cuts in sections. Along with being more effort to cut down, bigger trees are also harder to dispose of once we have them on the ground. All of these factors will influence the price, and that’s why you pay much less for the removal of shorter trees. 


Isolated trees are much easier to remove since we don’t have to worry about causing any sort of damage to the surrounding structures. Removing a tree that’s located very close to a home or to power lines will be a lot trickier, and this can potentially affect the price. We often use a bucket truck or a crane for these situations. 

Urgent Removals 

There are certain tree removals where we really have to drop everything and head over to do the job such as collapsed trees that fall onto a house. We’re always glad to help during an emergency but these urgent situations cost more than the typically scheduled tree removal. 


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