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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Vallejo?

No matter what type of things you enjoy doing, Vallejo is the place to be for it. This is just one of the many things we love about this picturesque city of approximately 121,722 people. It is a place where you can sip wine, visit amusement parks, relax on the beach, and enjoy learning at historical museums. 

The outstanding beauty of the North Bay region stems in part from its simplistic beauty. However, being so near the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge doesn’t hurt things either. It means that beyond the water, you have plenty of trees to provide shade on those hot summer days. 

Though people find a million reasons to love Vallejo, it isn’t always the best place for our beloved trees. The Bay Area is generally pretty wet, with high humidity and fog. Most trees handle it well and thrive because of the abundant moisture. Others may suffer from insect infestations and diseases. The most common tree health issues include:

  • Sudden Oak Death
  • Shot Hole Fungus
  • Sooty Mold
  • Fire Blight
  • Phytophthora Root Rot
  • Tree Beetles

All these issues may prevent a healthy tree from thriving. In situations where Sudden Oak Death is present, the tree can die within only a few weeks. This proves that the best way to care for your trees is to watch over them and do your part to take care of them. 

Does the City of Vallejo Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Taking care of trees is a job for everyone in Vallejo. The beautification of the city is of utmost importance to city leaders. There are strict codes that say damaged, diseased, or infested trees should be removed, but Vallejo does not provide assistance for tree removal. 

The primary goal of the city is to have residents take care of the trees on their private property. Therefore, the full responsibility of tree care and removal falls upon the property owner. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Vallejo?

Vallejo takes extra care to ensure that the trees are healthy. The Public Works Department is always on the lookout for potential hazards to the trees in this area. However, when a storm rolls in, healthy trees may still fall. In this situation, you should assist in taking care of the problem as quickly as possible.

If the tree is on public property or impeding streets, damaging buildings, etc., then you will want to call for help immediately. You can call Public Works on either an emergency or non-emergency line. If it is during non-business hours, you will want to call 911 to report where the tree is located.

On private property, things are a little different. How should you handle a tree falling if it only affects your personal property? The first step is to assess the damage. If the fallen tree has knocked down a power line or caused injuries, you should first call 911. If all is okay, but you need to clean up the mess, you will have to figure out who is responsible and how to handle the cleanup process. 

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner or property owner, a tree is your responsibility in Vallejo. There is a Property Maintenance Order in place for homeowners to ensure that people take care of their property, including trees. If you fail to remove a fallen or diseased tree, you could face a code violation according to Vallejo’s Tree Ordinances. It will be your job to contact a tree removal service like Tree Triage. 

If you’re a renter?

Since you do not own the property, the burden of responsibility for a fallen tree should fall on the property owner or the person you pay rent to. However, if it is in your rental agreement that you are responsible for property upkeep, then you will be the one who must take care of the tree’s removal. 

If you’re a landlord?

Most people do not consider tree issues when they come up with a rental agreement. In apartment complexes, we just know that the landscaping will be taken care of by the apartment complex owner.

In single-family home rentals, landscaping issues will generally work themselves out. Often, the renter will assume responsibility for mowing the lawn or picking up tree limbs. However, if a tree falls, you are encouraged to not wait on your tenant to take care of it. This is because it is your responsibility unless it is in your rental agreement. You wouldn’t want to get a code violation over something that just happened to a tree on the property. 

If you’re a neighbor?

In the event that you notice your neighbor’s tree looks unhealthy, or it has fallen, you should try to work it out with your neighbor or the property owner. If this does not work, you can then contact the Public Works Director. The director will inspect the tree and assess whether they think it should be removed and notify the property owner. The owner will then be expected to remove it within a certain time frame. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Vallejo?

Predominantly, in the soil around the Bay Area of California and Vallejo, you will find clay despite its “beachy” feel. This means that the soil quality may not be great for some trees and plant types. Clay is generally well-known for being heavy, sticky, and easily oversaturated. 

Before you plant new trees on your property, you will want to make sure that they are hardy enough to handle your lawn’s soil or improve the quality of your soil. You may even consider doing both.

To improve your soil quality, you will want to add organic material that can aid in drainage and soil composition. You can choose:

  • Compost
  • Soil Builders
  • Bark
  • Sawdust
  • Manure
  • Peat Moss

You should dig down a few inches from the surface and add the organic matter that you prefer to work with. By digging down, you ensure that it doesn’t run off when it rains, but you are also making the property more ‘plant-friendly’. Your trees will be thankful. 

Once you have your lawn prepared, you will need to consider trees that are listed on the “Approved Tree List” for Vallejo. The best trees include several types of:

  • Maple Tree
  • Ash Tree
  • Magnolia Trees
  • Oak Trees
  • Etc. 

Even if you aren’t planting a new tree, it still may not hurt to add organic matter to the soil around your existing trees. It will go a long way in helping them to thrive throughout the years ahead. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Vallejo?

In Vallejo, residents enjoy long summers that are warm, with average temperatures of 75-81 and mostly clear. Having very little rain and high temperatures is rough for trees. It enables beetles to make their homes in trees, which can impact the tree’s overall health.

The winters are typically short, chilly with average lows of around 40-degrees and excessively wet. On average, Vallejo will see 3.8 to 4.1 inches of rain during the months between November and March, with some years reaching closer to 6 to 8 inches of rain.

When you combine drought-like summers, clay soil, and winter rainfall, there is a lot of potential for tree hazards. The biggest hazard is when heavy rains or winds blow in because they can cause trees to topple over. However, other hazards are possible. After a dry spell during the summer months, trees may not be able to process the water before it runs off, which can kill them more slowly. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Vallejo?

If you notice a dead tree near a power line, you should do your part to report it. Your first and best option is to call your local power company. If you use PG&E, they have a mobile app to make reporting hazards easier for everyone. This includes trees or vines that may be near a power line or pole.

With that in mind, after hours, on weekends, holidays, etc., you may get a slower response. If you feel that the tree is causing a true emergency, you may want to call 911 for immediate assistance. They will still call the power company, but they will be able to ensure public safety while waiting on a response from the power company or City Works Department. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Vallejo?

Removing trees in Vallejo is not cheap or easy to do. We love our trees and want to keep them around for as long as possible. However, if you have a tree that you feel should be removed, your estimated cost could be between $300 and $2,000, depending on your situation. Most people end up paying out-of-pocket costs around $650.

Some of the things that may impact your price for a tree removal service include:

Necessary Permits

Vallejo does require you to have permits before removing trees. On average, tree trimming permits are free, but tree removal fees can cost a minimum of $52.00. If you are removing more than one tree, then that price will increase for each one. This also means that there may be a waiting period before any work can be done. Often, the Public Works Department needs to see the trees you want to be removed before removal can begin. 

Size of Tree

When it comes to tree removal, size is important. A tree that is large will have a thicker trunk, a larger root system, and more risk involved in removing it. Therefore, you should expect a higher price for it to be taken down. Smaller trees will be easier to remove and more affordable for you as the homeowner. 

Special Hazards or Considerations

Is the tree you want to be removed located near power lines or buildings? Will our professionals need to bring in special equipment to remove it? These are things that our arborists will look for when determining the price estimates for tree removals.


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