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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Scotts Valley?

The long summers here in Scotts Valley, California allows many of our local citizens to enjoy the colorful trees throughout the area. Winters are fairly mild as well, making it easier for trees to thrive.

This isn’t to say many local trees aren’t vulnerable to various things. Common and favorite trees here range from Brisbane Box to Water Gum, but they, too, eventually show signs of being ravaged by nature.

Insects, of course, are one of the biggest culprits. Because of our long and warm summers, insects increase and wreak havoc on trees of any age. Some of those include Ambrosia Beetles, Oak Bark Beetles, Omnivorous Loopers, and Tent Caterpillars.

Tree diseases often seen in the area include Sudden Oak Death, Verticillium Wilt, and basic root disease. Tree Blight is another common issue many residents ignore, requiring a proper diagnosis from our dependable tree care workers.

Unfortunately, it’s more than nature that can destroy trees here. Construction workers sometimes harm root systems in old trees by merely digging up the ground. While construction work can’t be avoided, it often kills far too many trees to take care of something else.

Does the City of Scotts Valley Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Our trees are valued here, so any tree needing removal or repair is not taken lightly. The Scotts Valley General Plan is at the center of tree removal when it becomes necessary. However, their main aim is to preserve trees in the city whenever possible.

They’ll only remove a tree after a permit is issued, in which case various criteria are considered in the tree’s condition. First, they send an arborist out to analyze the tree to determine if removal is really necessary.

There is a replanting requirement after a tree is removed as part of the continual effort to keep trees abundant. Residents also have to pay a fee if the tree is a Heritage Tree or a protected tree.

When filling out the permit, residents have to indicate extensive information about the tree needing removal. This includes the size, type, and specific reasons why the tree should be removed.

Keep in mind this process applies only to city trees. When a tree is on a resident’s private property, procedures are a little different.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Scotts Valley?

Taking responsibility for a fallen tree is not a fun process, yet it has to be done by someone. It all goes by where the fallen tree is located, which may be on city property lines or private land.

Renters and landlords deal with other scenarios. When neighbors are involved, legal situations often ensue based on the tree’s condition.

If you’re a homeowner?

Despite Scotts Valley planting trees in right-of-way areas near residential homes, some trees are going to fall on private property. Those who own their own land and have trees on them hold all responsibility when those trees fall.

We often take care of trees on residential properties and we understand how frustrating it can be for a resident to pay for tree removal. Regardless, it’s sometimes necessary when the tree is diseased or already dead. When the tree poses a danger to others, it’s important to take heed of removing the tree or giving it special care.

Sometimes the city requires residents to remove a tree from one’s property if it poses any sort of risk.

If a diseased or healthy tree falls on a resident’s home, using a homeowner’s insurance policy is a smart idea to pay for damages.

If you’re a renter?

A renter’s landlord should always take responsibility for a fallen tree if owning property in the city. California’s law states it all depends on where the tree is located on the property line. Sometimes a stump is right on a property line, in which case two property owners may share responsibility.

In most cases, the landlord takes responsibility, unless the renter has a rental contract stipulating otherwise.

If you’re a landlord?

Some landlords here create rental agreements that make their tenants responsible for yard upkeep. In those scenarios, the landlord may not be responsible for a fallen tree.

For the most part, though, landlords are expected to take on preventative maintenance on the properties they own. Any tree posing a danger to life or property should be dealt with in some manner.

If you’re a neighbor?

What happens if a tree from a neighbor falls on a resident’s home? The resident where the tree fell might have to take responsibility if the incident was deemed an “act of God.” In legal terms, this means a tree falling as the result of nature and beyond anyone’s control.

Things are very different when the tree that fell was already diseased or dead. Should a neighbor warn a resident persistently about their diseased tree, then it falls on the neighbor’s property, that neighbor has a right to sue.

Our Scotts Valley tree care workers see this unfortunate scenario too often. It’s all the more reason for residents to take care of their trees now if they look like they might pose a problem to nearby properties.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Scotts Valley?

Residents in Scotts Valley don’t always realize what soil does to their trees. Our tree care workers frequently see dying trees due to poor soil, something that can always be amended.

According to the official soil survey of Scotts Valley, the native soil here is a mixture of sand, silt, and clay. This alignment is usually very good soil for tree growth. Yet, clay soils are always more vulnerable to temperature extremes.

Those familiar with clay soils know it shrinks when it becomes dry and expands when wet. Based on the extremes of occasional floods in Scotts Valley and drought during the summer, clay soil needs special attention to help trees.

To curb the problem, residents only need to use more mulch during dry summers. Also, be sure to add more organic materials to keep this type of soil healthy all year long.

If a resident isn’t familiar with their soil, it’s important to look into what it is since it determines whether trees thrive or feel stressed.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Scotts Valley?

A lot of people move to Scotts Valley with the assumption it’s going to be nice weather most of the year. While it’s true summers here are nice, it’s also very vulnerable to unexpected weather events.

Floods, severe thunderstorms, and heavy windstorms can hit here without much warning at certain times. Wildfires are an additional continual threat, something continually worrying area residents as time goes on. All of these events could topple or decimate trees in an instant, with long wait times to get everything repaired if the power is out.

One of the biggest threats to Scotts Valley is earthquakes. Even though minor earthquakes don’t always affect trees, very strong ones could. Old and valued trees could easily topple in minutes if a large seismic event occurs.

Despite the city having wildfire plans in place to protect human life, imagine how many trees have been lost already due to the threat of fire. There isn’t much anyone can do to stop this or other wild weather events from happening.

Residents should take time to care for trees the best they can in the meantime.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Scotts Valley?

Our tree care specialists have seen our share of what happens when trees go over on power lines here. It’s not a pretty sight, and it only stresses our workers to get the situation amended within a reasonable timeframe.

Scotts Valley can definitely have nasty windstorms once in a while. During those times, tree cleanup is a tough job only professionals like Tree Triage should handle. Much of this becomes more complicated when the trees fall on power lines.

Some residents try to take matters into their own hands and attempt to remove fallen trees off power lines near private property. No one should attempt this alone since it can easily bring the risk of being electrocuted. All it takes is a chainsaw accidentally touching a downed line to create a fatal situation.

Let our tree care specialists handle this. Otherwise, Scotts Valley’s local power utility (typically PG&E) is responsible for taking care of trees over their own lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Scotts Valley?

Costs of tree care service always vary based on various factors, few of which anyone can control. Most of it has to do with the role of nature and the nature of time.

The average price of tree removal here in Scotts Valley can cost around $893 when part of an overall land-clearing job. On the lowest end, this might cost only $237, or go as high as $2,247 for something more complicated. Here are a few factors that may determine the cost of a tree removal service.

Weather Issues

As mentioned above, the potential for inclement weather is still good in Scotts Valley. When a windstorm whips through, it’s going to take extra time to take care of tree problems.

Patience is a virtue in this regard. Nevertheless, an overly severe storm could mean having to wait 48 hours before some fallen trees are cleaned up.

Tree Size

With oak trees being one of the most prominent trees here, it takes extra time to remove a large one over a century old. Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 when you add in removing the tree’s trunk, or more for larger trees.


Some remote areas still exist throughout Scotts Valley. Trying to gain access to a fallen tree in those areas again takes our team extra time and more equipment. An overly large tree in an inaccessible area can also mean 2 or 3 days of work to tear the tree apart and haul away fragments.


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