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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Lynn Haven?

Trees here in Lynn Haven have every bit the paradise we do where the lush vegetation of the Gulf Coastal Plain brushes up against the sea. The mixture of native trees common throughout the south and tropical species creates a breathtaking array of vegetation. Still, there are always some drawbacks to a paradise, and plants commonly face some challenges around here.

Hurricanes and other tropical storms can do extensive damage to trees, even when they miss landfall by a large margin. Flooding commonly caused by storms can erode soil and harm trees. Like those caused by Hurricane Michael in 2018, extremely high winds can devastate whole populations of trees.

Lethal Bronzing Disease is another common concern for owners of palm trees in the area. Discovered in 2006, it’s a disease of which experts currently have a limited understanding. Carried by bacteria, it infects palms and destroys them from the core of the tree. Young leaves will turn a pale bronze and fall as the first symptom, but as the infection progresses, it often leads to the total death of the tree.

Does the City of Lynn Haven Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Unfortunately, the City won’t offer any help with tree removal problems for residents around here. If you have a particularly rare or old tree, you may need to check with Bay County Land Development to ensure that your tree isn’t protected as a heritage tree. If it is, you’ll need to apply for a permit explaining why you need to remove it for approval.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Lynn Haven?

Under Florida law, the property owner where the tree initially grew is typically responsible for removing a fallen tree. This rule will make it a little more complicated with border trees that grow on the boundaries of property lines. However, even if a tree falls over property lines, the original owner will still be responsible for its removal.

If You’re a Homeowner?

If you’re a homeowner here in Lynn Haven, the trees on your property are part of what makes your home special, unique, and beautiful. Trees can be a serious boost to your property’s value and appeal and come with certain maintenance obligations.  These include trimming your tree and keeping it healthy but also calling us to remove it promptly when necessary.

If a fallen tree on your property causes damage to someone else’s property, it’s likely to be considered a no-fault accident and covered by insurance. If, however, you had a prior warning from a neighbor or the City that your tree was unhealthy and at risk of falling, you could be held responsible for damages as your negligence indirectly caused them. Likewise, if a fallen tree you’ve left sitting on your property causes neighbors’ trees to suffer from pests or diseases, you could be held responsible for those damages as well. It’s always important to promptly take care of your trees so that they don’t cause further problems and protect these valuable parts of your investment in your home.

If You’re a Renter?

If you’re a tenant at a rental property here in Lynn Haven, you probably aren’t responsible for removing fallen trees on the property. Lease agreements between a landlord and a tenant will typically stipulate that upkeep such as lawn care is a tenant’s responsibility. Still, trees are a far more permanent feature of a property than grass. As with building maintenance, landlords will typically be responsible for tree maintenance, including their eventual removal when necessary.

Coordinate with your landlord about fallen trees. They may want you to take care of it and compensate you accordingly afterward, or they may want to call us themselves.

If You’re a Landlord?

If you own a rental property here in Lynn Haven, you still have a responsibility to take care of the trees on that property. Unless your lease contracts with your tenants specifically state that they are responsible for the upkeep of trees on that property, it is usually assumed that the landlord has retained that responsibility. You wouldn’t want to surrender control of your trees to a tenant anyway. Your tenants don’t have a vested interest in your investment property, and your trees can significantly affect the value of your property over time. While removing a fallen tree may be an occasional hassle, it’s worth it to ensure you maintain control over the pieces of your property that make its value grow over time. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

If a neighbor of yours here in Lynn Haven has fallen trees, they can’t just let them pile up. They must clean up their trees to avoid public nuisance. A neighbor’s fallen trees may bring pests and diseases to your yard and be an annoying eyesore that can reduce the appeal and even the value of your property in the long term. While it’s always best to resolve things as peacefully as possible with neighbors. If you can’t come to a resolution, reaching out to Lynn Haven code enforcement may be the easiest option to solve the problem.

If your neighbor’s trees fall into your yard, it will still be their responsibility to remove them. Regardless of where the tree ends up, that’s their tree, and the cost of removal still falls on them. If you have to remove a tree to relieve inconvenience to you that didn’t come from your property, chances are the tree owner owes you compensation for the cost you incurred.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Lynn Haven?

Our soil is pretty unique around here. So special that the official regional soil series is named after our city. Lynn Haven series soils tend to be deep and very poorly drained. While the roots of trees love the rich nutrients from decaying plants and animals that the gulf brings into the soil, such poorly drained soil can commonly trap too much moisture in roots, especially in an area so prone to flooding during storm season. Roots being constantly overwhelmed by moisture can lead to many issues, such as several fungal infections and root rot.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Lynn Haven?

Trees and other plants may love our humid subtropical climate down here in Florida, but it can also pose some unique challenges. We average around 80 thunderstorm days per year here in Bay County. Heavy rainfall can cause erosion and shifts in soil that can displace trees and create structural instabilities. Hurricane season can hit hard and unexpectedly, and high winds and heavy rainfall can put your trees to the test. No trees aren’t your biggest concern during a hurricane. It pays to prepare your trees before the hurricane season, trim any branches that are likely to come off in heavy winds, and ensure that your trees are as stable and healthy as possible.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Lynn Haven?

Trees should always be kept clear of power lines. A safe enough distance should be allowed so that even if any part of a tree falls, it doesn’t have any danger of crossing the power lines or striking a transformer box. Branches, limbs, or even entire trees falling across power lines could start dangerous fires or cause severe interruptions on the power grid. These issues can get incredibly dangerous and costly, so it’s essential to call us in to trim trees away from power lines and never plant trees anywhere where they could seriously infringe upon the right of way of the electric company’s lines.

When you have dead trees already threatening power lines, it’s probably too late for preventative maintenance. When dead trees are being trimmed or removed near power lines, this work must be done by a trained professional. The electric utility company has the tools necessary to do these removals safely. Give them a call if there’s any chance that any part of the tree might strike a power line.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Lynn Haven?

Tree removal can be pretty affordable in this part of Florida and usually runs significantly cheaper than the national average. This means that simple jobs may range anywhere from $175 to $375, while complex or larger trees can reach over $2,000. There are, however, many factors that may affect the cost of tree removal.


Big trees can complicate tree removal in several different ways. Not only are larger trees more material to manage and eventually dispose of, but they also can potentially pose significant safety hazards to our arborists during removal. As a result, they’ll take more planning and safety precautions to remove it effectively and risk-free. Without proper planning, big trees risk causing significant damage to nearby trees, structures, and people during removal. With the big trees, it’s not worth saving a few bucks to skimp on the planning to ensure their safe removal.


The placement of a tree on your property can also affect how easy it will be to remove, and thus, the cost. If your tree is growing right up against your home, it will take some extra planning to remove it safely without damaging your home. Removing trees growing around other, healthy trees can also pose a challenge, as we have to be sure that the removal causes minimal damage to your other trees.

How hard the tree is to get to could also complicate removal. With our wet, low land around here, some trees can be a challenge to get our trucks or machinery close to, and those will make a job more involved than it otherwise would be.


If you need us to remove a tree quickly because of the imminent risk of falling, an infection, or a citation from the City, you sometimes can’t afford a long wait. We do our best to get to tree removals as quickly as possible. To avoid inconveniencing previously scheduled appointments, however, emergency services sometimes result in us working overtime. Overtime work can increase the cost of tree removal for emergency appointments.


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