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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Plant City?


“Aphids” include Aphis gossypii, Aphis spiraecola, Toxoptera aurantii, and Toxoptera citricida.

Aphids are the most common tree and shrub pest in Plant City, Florida. There are more than 400 species currently known. Aphids feed off sap from new growth areas of trees and excrete a sticky waste product known as “honeydew.” Beyond making your trees unwell, this sticky substance can cover your home, automobiles, landscaping, and anything else near an affected tree. 

Aphids are most active in the spring. You’ll notice when a tree gets sticky. Then, in the fall, you’ll recognize an affected tree by its curly, darkened leaves, and sometimes a black fungus. These pests are often attracted to the fruit trees so common in Plant City but are also happy to infest weeds and soy crops.

Bacterial Weed Scorch or “Leaf Scorching”

Another common tree problem in Plant City comes from bacteria carried by leafhopper insects. The bacteria disrupt a tree’s ability to transport water from the trunk to the leaves by clogging vital watering channels. Leaf scorching causes severe damage to the host tree and will eventually kill it. Trees that die from scorching will need to be professionally removed.

Leaf scorching is easy to identify every spring by browning dry leaves that seem to die from the outside first.

By summer, an affected tree will show noticeable declines in growth and may display prominent yellow or red lines that separate dry, dead leaf tissue from healthy green leaf tissue. American elms, sycamores, red maples, oaks, and laurels are all prone to scorching. It seems that oleanders have become prone to it as well. 

“Greasy Spot” Disease on Citrus Trees

As per the University of Florida Extension, greasy spot disease is well named. You’ll recognize the black spots that look like used motor oil on diseased leaf tissues. Those spots aren’t motor oil, though. They’re pockets of diseased tissue that have collapsed due to fungal infection. 

Unlike other trees that drop their leaf load every fall, citrus trees retain their leaves for a few years before they drop. When a tree is heavily infected, severe leaf drop can happen prematurely and gradually reduce a tree’s vigor. Weak trees are more susceptible to other pests and diseases and prone to more severe frost damage.  

Weather Challenges

We’ll address Plant City’s location and weather issues in-depth in a moment. For now, know that hurricanes, tropical storms, and floods can be devastating to Plant City trees. We find the tree removal business in Plant City is always bustling after a major weather event. 

Does the City of Plant City Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

While the city will not pay for tree removal in Plant City, published yard waste guidelines say the city will take neatly stacked branches, bags of yard waste, and leaves if they are tied shut. If you’re setting fallen branches out to the curb for pickup in Plant City, be sure to separate them from household trash and have them ready to go by 7 AM on your regular trash day. 

Plant City public works will also haul away larger limbs, tree stumps, and trunks. But they may need to use their special “grabber truck.” 

  • Call the Plant City Solid Waste Department at 813-659-4222 to schedule a pickup of trunks, stumps, and the like from your residential property.
  • Plant City allows one load of big tree debris to be picked up every year from a residence.

However, commercial property does not receive this benefit. Commercial real estate owners must make other arrangements for trunk, stump, and tree removal in Plant City.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Plant City?

When a tree falls in Plant City, neighbors are often quick to point fingers or deny responsibility. As a general rule, if a tree falls on your property, it is your responsibility to arrange tree removal. It doesn’t matter where the tree’s roots were. Sometimes a tree falls over several property lines. In a perfect world, all the neighbors would join together to pay for tree removal. 

We are often asked who is responsible for removing a fallen tree. Consider these common instances:

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners are always responsible for trees that fall on their property in Plant City. Some choose to pay for tree removal out of pocket. Others contact their homeowner’s insurance company. In that case, a homeowner will only be responsible for paying their deductible, and the insurance company will pay the rest of the cost of tree removal. 

If you’re a renter?

Residential renters aren’t usually responsible for tree removal in Plant City. There’s always an exception to the rule. Still, unless you lease a large property and have made an agreement to pay for all the yard maintenance to keep your rent costs down, it’s usually the landlord’s responsibility to pay for tree removal. 

If a tree falls on your rented space and damages your belongings, your landlord’s insurance will pay to replace it, as would a renter’s insurance policy. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are always responsible for tree removal at rental properties in Plant City. Your property insurance policy will usually cover the cost of tree removal, less a deductible, of course. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Again, sometimes trees fall over multiple property lines. It doesn’t matter where the tree originated, only where it falls. If you get along with your neighbors — or would like to in the future — try reaching out to them to discuss splitting the payment. Or, call your homeowner’s insurance company directly. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Plant City?

Plant City soil can vary greatly from one neighborhood to the next — even from one yard to the next — but tends to be shallow and slightly sandy. A small percentage — less than 2% — of the soil in Plant City is very sandy and excessively drained. Trees won’t thrive in that sort of soil. The remainder of Plant City is a happy home for trees, with soil suitable for pine trees, citrus fruit trees, and ornamental varieties of flowering crabapple trees. 

  • The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a 76-page soil survey for Hillsborough County, including Plant City.
  • Residents and future farmers can use this resource to look up their exact addresses to understand the soil there. 

Meanwhile, know that Plant City is one of the few locations in the entire US where food can be grown all year round. Roughly 60% of Hillsborough County is dedicated to agriculture and the fruits and vegetables grown in Plant City usually head north to feed our nation.

Per the USDA, the crops that thrive in Plant City and the surrounding area are:

  • Livestock
  • Citrus
  • and Winter Vegetables

Fruit trees do really well in Plant City!

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Plant City?

Weather affects tree health in any location, and Plant City is no different. As a rule, the warm, balmy, sunny climate is ideal for citrus fruit trees, pine trees, and oleander.

However, Plant City is not far from Tampa Bay and is prone to significant weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, and occasional flooding. Off-season, early or late, hard freezes that damage trees are few but not unheard-of. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Plant City?

A dead tree near a power line can be hazardous! Never approach a tree, cut it, or remove it. Tampa Electric (aka TECO Energy) supplies much of Plant City’s power. Contact them to report a dead tree on power lines. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Plant City?

Prices for tree removal vary based on many factors. The good news is that Plant City is an “ag” town, so small tree removal might only cost a few hundred dollars, while the largest trees can often be removed for around $2,000. Compared to the rest of the nation, these are affordable tree removal prices. 

The Size of a Tree

A tree’s size is the most significant cost-changing factor. Large trees almost always cost more than tiny trees, and that makes sense. Large trees require more resources, preparation, and human work hours from our team. Plus, larger trees are always riskier to remove. We need to be sure the tree won’t fall in the wrong direction and cause damage to your home or your neighbor’s home. 

Tree Locations

When a single tree falls in a field, away from homes or businesses, it’s usually more affordable to remove. But some trees are difficult to reach, or they may threaten to fall onto real estate or roadways. These tree removal jobs can cost more because our crew’s safety and the safety of your property must always come first. 

Storm Damage in Plant City

Plant City experiences some of Mother Nature’s most impressive weather events! When a hurricane or tropical storm sends trees crashing onto power lines and into homes, tree removal becomes very risky. We don’t want our crew to be injured, and we don’t want to cause any more damage to your property. 

Also, our tree removal specialists in Plant City find themselves working overtime after brutal weather events. We find ourselves hiring more staff, working weekends, and removing trees on national holidays. When labor costs more, tree removal will cost more, and that makes sense. 


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