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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Mary Esther?

When you think about trees in Mary Esther, FL, there are so many found in the city limits. They include palm trees, evergreens, and also pine and oak tree varieties throughout. Unfortunately, with a variety of trees also come a variety of problems to consider and reasons for tree removal year-round. 

Wind and Weather Damage

While the weather in Mary Esther is pretty warm and consistent throughout the year, being on the panhandle puts the city in many paths of hurricanes and tropical storms that develop out in the ocean. When these storms come onto land, they leave a path of destruction, including damaging trees and forcing them to be removed. During these storms, branches are broken off and start to fall all over the place. If the tree is already vulnerable and not at its strongest, part of the tree may fall and leave it exposed. 

Fungal Infections

Because Mary Esther is in a climate that stays warm and even pretty humid and wet for most of the year, different types of fungi find this environment ideal for growth. While many of the infestations take off outside the city limits in the nearby trees and woods, sometimes these fungal infections take root in the city and can be damaging to a number of trees. Trees that may have been damaged by the weather are often left vulnerable to fungal infections because they have exposed the interior and make a great area for the fungus to begin growing. Once it makes its way inside the tree, the stability of the tree and its structure will suffer, and it will need to be removed before it falls and causes excessive damage to personal and neighboring properties. 

Insect Takeover

There are several insects that enjoy taking advantage of the bountiful tree population in Mary Esther, FL. One of those is the Ambrose beetle, which is very small but deadly to trees. They usually go after weakened trees that may have been exposed and damaged from weather or had another trauma where they are not as healthy as neighboring trees. Also, they have been known to go after healthy trees. The Ambrose beetle feeds on a fungus that causes wilts on trees and plants and increases the presence of these beetles. At this time, there are at least 45 known species of the Ambrose beetle and with Florida having several cargo ports, the potential for these beetles is high in the area. 

Pine trees in Mary Esther are also at risk for invasion from the Pine Sawfly caterpillar. They enjoy harvesting pine needles and find the numerous pine trees in Florida to be a great place to harvest. Unfortunately, the trees in Mary Esther are not immune and sawflies are in the area. As they feed and harvest on the pine needles of a single tree, they stunt the growth of the tree, absorbing all the nutrients. If the tree is not able to resupply, it will eventually die because of the invasion.

Does the City of Mary Esther Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In Mary Esther, there are trees that line the right-of-way throughout the city and are managed by their Facilities Department. If there is a tree that is dead or in poor health, they will be responsible for having the tree removed safely before it causes further damage. As a resident, you are welcome to submit a complaint regarding potentially dead trees to the City’s Code Compliance Office by using the complaint form. Their office will inspect the tree and make a determination on whether it needs to be removed and manage that service. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Mary Esther?

Other tree removals that happen on private property have the potential to be the responsibility of more than one person. Depending on the situation and circumstance of the tree, it is important to know your role and if you have any responsibility in that removal process. 

If you’re a homeowner?

With the majority of tree removals in Mary Esther, the homeowner is responsible for removing the tree from their personal property. If the tree is too tall or has become damaged, there may be a need to remove it. Also, when homes are renovated and construction is required in that area of the property, the homeowner is responsible for having the tree removed. 

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, you are not often responsible for tree removals on the property. Since you do not own and are not able to make a decision in the tree coming down, you are not liable for the service. There are a few instances where you make an arrangement with the homeowner to have a tree removed if you are willing to cover that responsibility, or if you have it in your leasing agreement to cover this cost if you maliciously damage a tree. 

If you’re a landlord?

In the case of the landlord for one or more rental properties, you are responsible for scheduling the tree removal service if it is required on the property that you manage. If you do not own the property, then this service should be covered as other maintenance services are, with funds set aside specifically for the property. 

If you’re a neighbor?

As a neighbor, there are a couple of instances where you could be responsible for tree removal that is not on your own property. If you happen to share a tree with your neighbor, and it needs to be removed, then you may share the cost and responsibility of the tree removal with your neighbor. Also, if something that happened on your property was a direct cause of damage to your neighbor’s tree, then you could also be held liable for this service.

If a tree has fallen from your neighbor’s property onto your property due to natural causes and not something they did intentionally, you are ultimately responsible for the removal. However, if you could prove that the tree was in poor condition prior to the fall and your neighbor was aware, then the responsibility would shift back to the property owner. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Mary Esther?

Since Mary Esther is located in the Northern region of Florida, the soil in this area is very sandy and could even have some trace amounts of clay. With it being right on the beach, excess amounts of sand are expected in this soil. This means that as long as the area continues to get ample amounts of precipitation throughout the year, the sandy soil will be able to drain the water and still allow the trees to get the moisture they need.

During periods of drought, these trees could suffer dramatically. Sandy soil does not retain water, so without a consistent flow, the trees in Mary Esther could be left vulnerable to other tree issues. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Mary Esther?

The weather of Mary Esther plays a large part in growing healthy trees of all varieties throughout the city. Having a steady rain flow keeps the soil hydrated and trees receive the appropriate levels of water. Unfortunately, the weather can also be the reason for trees being destroyed and needing to be removed in Mary Esther. If there is too much wind from tropical storms or hurricanes, they can damage trees, breaking off branches, and exposing the inside of the tree.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Mary Esther?

Dead trees around power lines are a recipe for disaster and could cause significant damage and power outages for the city of Mary Esther. If you have noticed any dead trees close to power lines, either beneath them or a few feet away in the treeline, it is important to notify Gulf Power right away to have these trees removed. Dead trees can fall at any time, in any direction, causing destruction as they go. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Mary Esther?

Most homeowners looking to have trees removed in Mary Esther pay around an average of $400 to $500 for their tree services. The overall cost, however, depends on a few key cost factors. 

Height and Type of Tree

The taller a tree is, the more it is going to cost to have it removed. This is all based upon having to cut the tree down in sections and how many physical climbers our team needs to do the job. Some trees like pines and old oak trees can get pretty tall, so the job will take us longer and require more work than shorter trees. 

Attempting to cut through a hardwood oak tree compared to a pine tree, or even a palm tree, is also more difficult because it is wider. Pine trees are thinner, so they are easier to cut through. Palm trees and evergreens can get some height on them, but they are not usually the tallest trees being removed.

Time of Service

Depending on when you need the tree removed from your property also plays into the overall cost of your service. If you have an emergency and need a tree removed after regular work hours or before other committed jobs, there will be an additional fee. This is required to cover the cost of labor and other materials needed for the services after hours. 

Labor and Materials

When our team comes to your property for tree removal, it is important to consider the cost of labor. Most tree removal costs come from labor and material costs. Depending on how large the tree is, the larger the crew needed to safely remove the tree from your property. Also, there are material needs that come with each job, and depending on the tree and size, more or fewer materials are needed for the tree removal.


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