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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Winter Springs?

In the Greater Orlando Area, Winter Springs is perfect for anyone who likes warm weather for most of the year. Of course, the summers can get oppressively hot, but you are rewarded with beautiful and mild winters. 

The warmer months are always more suitable for planting trees, but Winter Springs is the perfect area for year-round planting. If you are considering growing some trees on your property, consider these native species

  • Silverbell
  • Live Oak
  • Redbud
  • Longleaf Pine
  • Southern Magnolia
  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Florida Maple
  • Bald Cypress

These trees are native to Florida, which means they are the happiest right where they are. Of course, your new trees will need plenty of watering, love, and care. Probably the best thing you can do is be mindful of common tree diseases and problems in the Winter Springs area. Be on the lookout for these problems: 

Citrus Greening (AKA Yellow Dragon Disease)

Citrus Greening is one of the most severe threats to citrus plants in the world. There is no cure once the tree is infected, and it has devastated millions of acres of citrus crops in the United States. Citrus Greening is spread by disease-infected Asian Citrus psyllid and causes the fruit to be green, misshapen, bitter, and unsuitable for sale.

Tree Pests

Florida is known for its wildlife, including the smaller critters. Sadly, several little creatures threaten the trees here too. The damage is done through these critters spreading disease from tree to tree or feed on the trees causing significant damage that weakens and kills the tree. The weakened tree can also be more vulnerable to infection. Some of these atrocious pests are: 

  • Asian Gypsy Moth 
  • Asian Longhorned Beetle
  • Emerald Ash Borer Beetle
  • Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle
  • European Cherry Fruit Fly
  • Khapra Beetle
  • Mexican Fruit Fly
  • Spotted Lanternfly
  • Imported Fire Ant (under federal quarantine)
  • Asian Citrus Psyllid (under federal quarantine)
  • Giant African Snail (under federal quarantine)

Does the City of Winter Springs Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Winter Springs does not provide any help in removing trees from private property. You will need to call our team in personally.

The City of Winter Springs does, however, require permits for tree removal located within the city. If the homeowner has hired a contractor like Tree Triage to remove the tree, the contractor must have a valid arbor license and be responsible for obtaining the correct permit. It is a direct violation of the city ordinances for each tree removed without a permit. Every member of our team is certified in Florida!

It is the responsibility of the City to remove trees located within a public road, drainage rights-of-way, or permanent utilities and drainage easements. When in doubt about what needs to be done to a tree in question, call the City Arborist for more information. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Winter Springs?

There isn’t much more frustrating than dealing with a fallen tree, and no one is sure exactly who is responsible for paying for the removal. There are enough epic tales to share of wars between neighbors over fallen trees to last a lifetime. If this happens to you, consider this essential guide to help you along. 

If You’re a Homeowner?

Homeownership comes with a significant amount of responsibility. You are responsible for every aspect of that property, including removing a fallen tree on your property. 

You are responsible for removing all trees that fall on your property and any damage caused by the tree. When a tree falls in your yard, then the first place you should start is your homeowner’s insurance policy. Most policies will include some kind of clause that covers tree removal. Also, be sure to check with the City of Winter Springs to be sure the responsibility doesn’t fall to them instead. 

If You’re a Renter?

There are benefits to being a renter. One of those benefits is that if a tree falls on the property you are renting, you are not responsible for its removal. However, you still need to keep an eye on any problematic trees on the property and stay in touch with your landlord. It is beneficial to you both to stay ahead of any potential tree problems. You should also contact your renter’s insurance to see if any damage to your personal property is covered. 

If You’re a Landlord?

As the landlord, your responsibilities are the same as that of a homeowner. That includes the removing, trimming, pruning, and maintenance of any trees or shrubs. If there is any damage to the private property of the renter, the landlord should address that as well. The landlord should also keep an eye on the trees on the property out of due diligence for the renters’ safety, not to mention your finances. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

The tree’s health determines who pays for tree removal if a tree falls across property lines. To put it simply: 

  • If Neighbor A’s dead tree falls across the property line into Neighbor B’s property, Neighbor A is responsible for the cost of the tree removal. 
  • Conversely, if Neighbor A’s living tree falls onto Neighbor B’s property, Neighbor B is responsible for the cost. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Winter Springs?

The soil in Florida is primarily sandy. Florida has a state soil called Myakka soil. Myakka is a Native American word for “Big Waters.” Myakka is a native soil and is exclusive to Florida. It covers over 1.5 million acres. 

Myakka soil is fine sand that is “very deep, very poorly drained, moderately rapid or moderately permeable soils.”  What does this mean for the trees in Winter Springs? It implies that Myakka soil doesn’t drain water very well. The soil makes it likely for trees and other plants to become saturated with water or be over-watered. If you want to plant trees on your property, it would probably be beneficial to get a soil test done to know which plants and trees are best suited for the soil where you are. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Winter Springs?

The winters are pretty mild in Winter Springs. However, the summers can be insufferably hot. Humans aren’t the only species whose need for water goes way up during the hot summer months. So be sure to water your trees well. If you are hot, your trees are hot too. 

Unfortunately, Winter Springs is no stranger to more severe weather. Winter Springs gets a moderate amount of tornado activity for Florida. And while Winter Springs is still considered to be low risk for hurricanes, they do still happen. Tornadoes and hurricanes both pack a wallop with wind, and that wind can take down the healthiest and strongest trees, not to mention numerous weaker trees. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Winter Springs?

Diseased and overgrown trees can pose a significant threat to power lines in Winter Springs. The trees can fall on the power lines and cause widespread power outages. The electrical company in Florida maintains a rigorous schedule of tree trimming around high voltage wires. The electrical company only prunes or trims branches that can cause safety hazards or power outages by brushing the lines or falling on the lines. 

If you ever notice a dead tree near a power line in Winter Springs, do not try to clear the tree or even go near it. You must call the electrical company immediately. Also, stay away from living trees that are closer than 15 feet to the power lines. It is not worth your life to try to clear any trees. Let the professionals do that. 

The electrical company does not charge for any clearing costs around power lines. It is their job to protect the lines and their equipment. When pruning and trimming are done as part of a regularly scheduled program, they remove the resulting debris. However, if a significant weather event is causing a widespread power outage, the electric company crews will remove any trees or plants affecting the power lines. As the crews move along, restoring power, they will leave any debris behind. It will be the responsibility of the property owner or local government to clean up the debris. You can call the waste management department to see what should be done with any debris left on your property. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Winter Springs?

The majority of homeowners paid $596 on average to have a tree removed from their property in Winter Springs. The total can range from $225 up to $1,900 or more. 

These prices are heavily dependent on a few cost factors: 

Location of Tree 

Where the fallen tree is located will significantly affect the price. A tree that is already dead and lying on the ground will be much easier to remove. A fallen dead ree will, thankfully, keep the price much lower. However, if the tree is lying near power lines, in a dense neighborhood, or an otherwise difficult-to-access area, it will cost much more to remove. The harder it is for our team to remove, the more it will cost. 

Type of Tree 

The type of tree that needs to be removed will affect the cost based on how difficult they are to remove. For example, the oak tree has dense, thick wood. This thickness requires more work to remove. Therefore, removing an oak tree will put you at a much higher range of cost range. So, be sure you want to have that tree removed before you commit to the cost. 

Size of Tree

Large trees require more attention and expertise to take down. Tall pines or large oak trees are good examples of big trees that can cost a pretty penny to remove. These types of tree removal jobs may require specialized equipment like a bucket truck or crane. The more people and equipment we have to bring in, the more it will cost you to remove that tree. 


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