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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Amherst?

Fungi or invasive insects cause most tree issues in Amherst. Fortunately, the extensive knowledge base from the University of Massachusetts and other nearby colleges has benefited this community by finding ways to fight these problems, primarily with biological controls rather than pesticides. For example, White Pine Needlecast is a statewide threat to Eastern White Pines, causing the leaves of low, shaded pine branches to drop prematurely. Since a wide range of fungal diseases causes it, especially when we get a cool, rainy spring, it’s essential to have our professionals help you identify the problem to be treated correctly.

Our arborists work closely with the plant disease pathology lab at UMass to ensure we correctly identify and treat each problem we encounter. By correctly placing the underlying cause of any tree disease, we treat tree problems with the safest biological solutions whenever possible. This solution prevents damage to your yard and our local environment, keeping your home safe for native plants and insects while targeting the invasives that threaten our trees.

In addition to fungal diseases, Amherst and Hampshire County have suffered from the invasive Emerald Ash Borer, which has devastated ash trees in 11 counties throughout the state. While three parasitic wasps show promise in controlling Emerald Ash Borer populations, the release program is still in progress. The State is under a quarantine order to prevent the spread of these insects. Individuals can help by avoiding any movement of ash trees or firewood.

Finally, Gypsy Moths had threatened the trees in Amherst and throughout Massachusetts since their introduction in the 1800s. While these insects are usually controlled by natural and biological means, the 2017 outbreak is a reminder that these insects continue to threaten oak trees in Amherst. If we experience a drought or notice signs of defoliation, our arborists can help. We’ll identify whether your tree is at risk from Gypsy Moths and determine a course of action to help you save your tree.

Does the City of Amherst Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Although we do everything we can to preserve trees in Amherst, there are some situations where we must remove a tree to prevent damage. Public shade trees, which include all trees in public rights-of-way throughout the City, are the sole responsibility of the Tree Warden and his deputies. If the Tree Warden determines that you must remove a tree in your right of way, the City pays for the removal and is accountable for damage to your property due to the removal process.

However, if a tree is on your land, you must maintain it and remove it if necessary. If you are worried about a tree on your land, let us know as soon as possible. The earlier we catch a tree problem, the better chance we have of saving or reducing the cost of removal.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Amherst?

If You’re a Homeowner?

If you’re a homeowner in Amherst, you are responsible for the trees on your land unless they are in a public right of way. If a tree on your land falls, it’s up to you to remove it promptly. However, if it is in the public right of way or located in the powerline easement, the City or utility company will remove the tree.

If You’re a Renter?

If you’re a renter, your landlord is responsible for maintaining a safe environment. If you have a tree causing a hazard, it is your responsibility to notify the landlord right away to address the problem. In addition, you must provide access to the landlord so they can examine and remedy any issues caused by a fallen or dead tree.

If You’re a Landlord?

Landlords are responsible for maintaining safe housing for tenants, so it’s essential to scrutinize the property between renters or if the tenants notify you of a potential problem. You must provide notice if you need to access the property for repairs. Look for trees with dead branches, defoliation, or signs of infestation – these should be treated or removed promptly. In addition, ensure that all shrubs and branches leave plenty of space for egress windows and exit doors. Vegetation that blocks these entrances and exits is prohibited, so landlords should check carefully to ensure they comply with the law.

If You’re a Neighbor?

If you’re a neighbor and you have concerns about a tree in your neighbor’s yard, talk to them about the issue first. They may decide to remove the tree, have it treated if disease is present, or remove the limbs that threaten your property. While you do have the right to remove branches that overhang your property, you may be held liable if you kill your neighbor’s tree. In almost any situation where a neighbor’s tree is involved, it’s best to contact the Tree Warden to ensure you don’t damage a public tree. Having an objective, professional point of view is also helpful in finding a positive solution for both neighbors.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Amherst?

Most of Amherst has fine sandy loam or silt loam soil, which is ideal for many tree species. These soils typically are not overly compacted and drain pretty well, although they can be affected by erosion. Some silt loam soils may become compacted over time, preventing tree roots from expanding properly. It’s important to mulch around trees to retain water and prevent erosion around the tree’s base. These soils may be acidic, so if you notice your tree’s leaves are yellowing or look sickly, it’s wise to get a soil test to see if your tree needs a lime application to balance the pH.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Amherst?

Weather can affect tree health in Amherst, especially if we experience a freezing winter or a drought in summer. While most of our winters are relatively mild, Amherst occasionally gets an icy snap, which can damage trees and other plants. Amherst is in hardiness zone 5b, but very close to 6a, so you may have trees that survive in zone 6 but not zone 5 in your yard. These trees are at the most significant risk from a cold snap. While most will recover, it’s essential to remove any dead or damaged limbs if you notice they have not grown new leaves in the spring.

Drought can also affect trees, increasing insect pressure and weakening trees that don’t get enough water. If we experience drought conditions, it’s essential to water your trees deeply during that time. Young trees that have been planted recently are at the most significant risk of death from drought conditions. Still, other trees may experience damage that lasts for weeks to months since the recovery time for trees that have experienced drought is longer than most people expect. You can mulch your trees to help them retain water during drought conditions. As climate change continues, it’s essential to watch for signs of drought and care for your trees during these conditions.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Amherst?

If a dead tree is near a powerline in Amherst, the utility company should already have a plan on file with the Tree Warden to remove hazardous trees. City utilities must submit vegetation plans and tree removal plans to the Tree Warden and the State Forester each year to ensure trees are appropriately managed at all times. If there is a dead tree near a powerline, the utility company will remove it promptly and safely to ensure a safe supply of power. There is no cost to the owner if the utility company is responsible for the tree due to its proximity to a power line.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Amherst?

Tree removal costs in Amherst range from $167.00 to $1,869.00, with an average price of $668.00. Several factors can impact the cost of tree removal, including prior maintenance, the size of the tree, and access.

Prior Maintenance

We have such a variety of trees in Amherst, and each species requires different types of maintenance throughout the year. Having your trees checked yearly and pruned when necessary will ensure the branches grow in a way that limits the risk to the tree and your property. A well-maintained tree is easier to remove, and yearly checks by our team ensure that tree diseases and damage are caught early. These checks increase the chances of saving the tree and simply removing branches is much less expensive than removing the entire tree. If you must remove a tree, proper maintenance will ensure the removal is easy and doesn’t damage your property.

Tree Size

A large tree is the most difficult to remove, requiring special equipment and labor to prevent damage to your lawn and home. We use state-of-the-art equipment and safety practices to ensure that your tree is removed safely, and we work diligently to ensure that tree removal doesn’t damage your yard. Small trees are simple to remove, but they become harder to extract from the landscape as they grow and mature. Whenever you plant a tree, consider its mature size to ensure it will fit in your yard. Trees with an appropriate size for your yard are easier and safer to remove.


If a tree is located near a road or driveway, it is simple for us to access. We don’t need as much equipment to remove trees if they are accessible, which reduces the cost. However, if a tree is difficult to get to or has other structures and vegetation below it, we need more time and equipment to remove the tree. The additional time and equipment required as they grow and mature increases cost since we have to pay more workers and use larger equipment. A crane must remove the most expensive trees. Contacting our arborists or the tree warden before you plant a tree can help you ensure the tree is the right fit for your lawn and accessible for pruning, maintenance, and removal if needed. By thinking ahead, you can enjoy the excellent shade of the beautiful trees in Amherst while minimizing damage and cost. Our professional arborists are always ready to help you find the best solutions for your trees and property.


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