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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Hanover?

The most common reasons for tree removal in Hanover usually start with pests, diseases, or climate issues. We often see signs of the problem before it is too late. In this section, we’ll discuss the most common tree issues we encounter in the area and what you can do about it.

The mimosa webworm is becoming a serious threat to the honeylocust tree. This particular pest has a unique way of protecting itself for the winter. It uses its silk webbing to tie foliage, twigs, and branches together, essentially creating its own umbrella or canopy. Unfortunately, this blocks sunlight from getting to the foliage, causing trees to lose valuable nutrients over time. Defoliation and tree death can happen with mimosa webworm infestations. If you notice webs all over the foliage of your tree, we can help. 

If you look up at your beech tree and see dark green stripes on the leaves, you may have beech leaf disease. While this disease is fairly new to the area, it is becoming a common reason for tree removal in Hanover and is believed to be associated with a foliar nematode species. Besides the earliest sign of striped leaves, you will also want to watch for branch dieback and a thinning canopy. Researchers are currently trying to learn all they can, but not enough is known about how this disease is spread or how to prevent it. 

One of the worst tree pests in Hanover is the gypsy moth. Although they prefer oak, they will feed on hundreds of other plants and trees. Once infested with gypsy moth caterpillars, defoliation and tree death can take only a couple of years. One way you can prevent this pest is to remove the egg masses that moths lay during summer. These may be seen under rocks, branches, or other hidden areas in your yard or barn. If egg masses are not removed and destroyed, you can try insecticides. However, the type of insecticide needed to kill gypsy moths is not usually available to the public.

If you start noticing sawdust on or around your hardwood trees, along with holes in the bark, you may have an infestation of the Asian longhorned beetles. The Asian longhorned beetle is in four states, including Massachusetts. This tree pest is one reason for tree death and removal in Hanover. The beetle chews a small hole in the bark and lays an egg before moving on to burrow another hole for another egg, and this is repeated 50-125 times. Each egg takes about one to two weeks to hatch. The larvae then eat their way toward the heartwood, and when they get big enough, they pupate. Once they become beetles, they chew their way out of the tree to mate, repeating the life cycle and tree destruction. This pest has the potential to devastate entire forests.

Does the City of Hanover Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The town of Hanover is responsible for all of the forested public areas, which include parks, city right-of-ways, and trees lining most streets. If you have a tree removal problem with any of these trees, you are encouraged to report the issue. However, if your tree removal problem is with a private tree, you may be out of luck. The county and town expect homeowners to maintain the safety and appearance of their properties. This is especially true for any trees that may pose a risk to other properties.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Hanover?

If you have a fallen tree, you may wonder who is responsible for its removal. The town of Hanover along with the county and state share the same general rules for property maintenance. The responsible party is different, depending on whether you own or rent. Below you will find the more common situations for fallen tree removal in Hanover and who will be responsible. 

If you’re a homeowner?

If you need fallen tree removal in Hanover and you’re the homeowner, you are responsible for it. The town’s tree ordinance expects property owners to maintain their properties. This includes fallen trees. Most homeowners insurance companies cover damage, especially if the tree fell due to environmental reasons.

If you’re a renter?

Renters in Hanover are not responsible for fallen tree removal because they do not own the property where the tree has fallen. If this happens, the best thing to do is to immediately contact the landlord and report the problem and any damage that may have occurred. This way, they will be prepared when they contact their insurance company to make arrangements. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are considered property owners in Hanover, making them responsible for tree removals on their property. If you’re a landlord and your tenant reports a fallen tree problem, you will need to take action right away. The first step is to assess any structural damages or injuries. Next, you should call your insurance company to see if any of the costs will be covered. 

If you’re a neighbor?

What happens if your tree falls in your neighbor’s yard? According to the town ordinances, your neighbor will be responsible for the tree removal in Hanover. Where the tree landed matters more than where it came from. The laws put the burden of responsibility on the property owner. If your tree falls on public land, the city will need to come out and remove it. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Hanover?

The soil in Hanover is well-drained, loamy soil, part of the Paxton series. These types of soils are full of nutrition and great for trees. Most loamy soils have a good blend of sand, silt, and clay. Trees love this because it means they will likely get the right amount of water and their roots will move through the ground easily. On the flip side, if there is too much water from storms or flooding, it could wash away the looser particles of sand. Over time, this could cause the proportion of clay and silt to be much higher. Signs to look for if this occurs are soil compaction or soil swelling. If you suspect you have a soil problem, it won’t hurt to get it tested. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Hanover?

Weather can cause serious tree problems in Hanover. Compared to the national average, this area gets more snow and rain, but a lot fewer sunny days. The winters can be very cold, and many trees, especially older and weaker ones, don’t make it through. Some trees come out of winter with damage which can attract pests, bacteria, and fungi. As the snow and ice accumulate on the branches, the weight increases and may cause limbs to break. This is a busy time of year for tree removals in Massachusetts. One way to prevent winter tree problems is regular, year-round maintenance.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Hanover?

Dead trees near power lines are hazardous because, as the tree sits, it becomes more dry and brittle. At some point, the tree will fall because it will no longer be able to support its weight. During winter storms in Hanover, this happens a lot when snow and ice accumulate on branches, making them heavier. If a tree falls on the power line, it will disrupt the power supply to the area, which will be even worse during winter, when people try to stay warm. If you see any tree, dead or alive, that may be a threat to power lines, you can report it to National Grid for trimming or removal.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Hanover?

Here are some general estimates for tree removal in Hanover. These prices are based on past work. The exact estimate for your specific tree removal may be different because many factors could change the cost. The price range for the average tree removal is between $115 and $2,230, with an average of around $715. Below, you will find the most common factors that influence the final cost.

Tree Size

The biggest cost factor for tree removal in Hanover is tree size and height. The bigger and taller the tree is, the harder it is to cut down safely. Tall trees come with more hazards, especially for our crew. Here is a general estimate of how much you might spend, based on height. 

  • Tree removal cost for a 20-ft tree: $105 to $335
  • Tree removal cost for a 40-ft tree: $320 to $635
  • Tree removal cost for a 60-ft tree: $600 to $970
  • Tree removal cost for an 80-ft tree: $940 to $2,010+

Tree Location

The tree’s location is an important cost factor. If you need tree removal in Hanover, and it’s right up against the power line, it will cost more because it will be more hazardous and difficult for us to remove. If the tree is near other property or in a tight, narrow alley, it may take more people and equipment to reach. For trees located near streets, the cost may include a permit to close a lane of traffic. The least expensive tree removals are trees that have already fallen in a large, empty field. 

Tree Health

Sometimes the cost will be higher because the tree is dead or diseased. This is because the danger is greater, not just to our crew and your property, but also to any other trees and vegetation. If the tree has a contagious fungal infection, we want to make sure it doesn’t spread to other trees. This could take more work and labor to do safely.


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