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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Marshfield?

From the nature trails of Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary to the North River Wildlife Sanctuary, many species of trees contribute to the urban canopy of Marshfield. Unfortunately, along with all the tree life comes the chances for disease and invasive insects. Let’s look at some common diseases and insects that we see here in Marshfield.

  • Iron Chlorosis. Several species of oak are indigenous to our area. The oaks are very susceptible to falling victim to Iron Chlorosis, a disease that develops if your soil contains high acid levels. The salt marshes cause the ground to be high in pH value, opening the door for this disease. The tattle-tale sign is the leaves of the oak turning yellow while the leaf’s veins stay green.
  • Cedar-Quince Rust. There are thousands of apple and crab-apple trees located in our city, and they are all vulnerable to this disease, which affects the fruit output and can kill a tree in one season. Identifiable by the rust-colored spots on the fruit and leaves and extreme cases will have a rust-colored powder-like substance on the leaves.
  • Scorch. Several diseases affect the tree leaves, eventually causing them to fall off and resulting in another loss to the tree population. Scorch, Blight, Fire-Blight, and Wilt are a few examples of diseases that all could be covered under one word: Scorch. The tree’s leaves turn fall-like colors and shed its leaves out of season.
  • Herbicide Damage. When you fertilize your lawn, be cautious around your trees. Many of the weed-and-feed lawn products can cause irreversible damage to your tree, no matter what species. These herbicides soak into your lawn and eventually into the root system of your trees. Keep a reasonable perimeter distance out from around the tree base when fertilizing your yard or any other item that needs added chemicals to thrive.
  • Aphids, Mealybugs, Thrips, and Whiteflies. These are the invasive insects that will only affect the leaves of the tree. Any one of this group of insects can devour a tree’s leaves in a matter of days and some even hours.
  • Japanese Beetles and Borers. This group of insects likes to bore tiny holes on your tree and then eat them from the inside out. However, some Universities around the country are currently working together for a solution to these invasive insects. For example, The University of Georgia is heading a team of east coast universities to develop a broad-spectrum insecticide that will destroy the borers and aphids in one application without causing harm to any surrounding plants or animals.

These are the most common issues facing the trees of Marshfield and are by no means the entire list. Now, let’s look into the City of Marshfield and what they can do if you have a down tree.

Does the City of Marshfield Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Yes, the City of Marshfield does offer some assistance if you have a tree issue. The issues usually fall into two categories: trees owned by the City and trees not owned by the City. Here’s the difference between the two:

  • City-Owned Tree. You may have a tree on your property that the City of Marshfield owns. If the tree in question falls in the City right-of-way, then the City will be glad to come and evaluate the tree and provide removal if needed.
  • Privately-Owned Tree. If the tree in question is on your property and there are no doubts about it being on the City right-of-way, get in touch with the City of Marshfield and have the town’s Tree Warden come out and inspect the tree. If it is found diseased and needing removal, the City will treat it like one of their own and effectively take care of the problem.

In addition to those two tree removal issues, the City of Marshfield offers to pick up tree debris such as limbs and leaves on the day you are supposed to have your recycling on the curb for pickup. They also provide two separate occasions each year when they will pick up larger tree debris.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Marshfield?

Massachusetts law states that if the tree is right on the line, both parties own the tree. If the tree needs to be removed, then the two can go about it in a civilized way. Neither neighbor is allowed to the other neighbor’s property to trim the tree. Both neighbors must have an agreement between themselves about the health and welfare of the tree.

If You’re a Homeowner?

Again, Massachusetts law is pretty clear about this issue, and when the actual tree is on the exact line, it becomes the responsibility of both people on either side of that line.

If You’re a Renter?

When finding a home or apartment rental in Massachusetts, be aware of the condition of the trees on that property. If you already rent a place and simply don’t like a tree, don’t just start cutting down random trees. Instead, see if you can come to a mutual agreement with your landlord regarding this tree issue.

If You’re a Landlord?

If you have one or maybe more pieces of rental property, do yourself a favor and adopt a policy regarding the trees on the property. It is effortless to add a document about this to the lease agreement compared to replacing an otherwise healthy tree.

If You’re a Neighbor?

As we mentioned before, this issue will fall on two different people, and both must agree on the tree before the problem comes up. If you haven’t discussed this with your neighbor, do so. A simple conversation between neighbors is all it takes. Should the issue come up rather suddenly, remember to keep a cool head and be an adult about it. Try to avoid a court case over a tree.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Marshfield?

We briefly touched on this issue earlier. The location of Marshfield to both the Eastern seaboard and the three freshwater rivers gives the City of Marshfield a very acidic soil that is not very healthy for trees. The salt-marshes around town have a never-ending supply of brackish water that drives the pH level up very high in Marshfield. Over time, the tree population began to adapt to the pH conditions, and most species found a way around it. You would never know simply by looking at the beautiful trees of Marshfield how bad the soil is.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Marshfield?

At any point, there can be a natural disaster that not only claims human lives but can more easily claim the life of a tree. Where Marshfield is located, Plymouth County has seen 26 natural disasters, and that far exceeds the national average of 15. Marshfield has seen earthquakes such as the one from October 7, 1983, a 5.3 on the Richter Scale. Then again, on April 20, 2002, another 5.3 and several more in the 4-5 range have claimed numerous trees over time. Factor in the number of hurricanes and past tornadoes, and we get a clearer picture of the issue. Weather devastates the trees here in Marshfield.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Marshfield?

Dead trees on or threatening to fall on power lines should always be removed by your electric company. According to which county in Massachusetts you live in will determine who your electricity carrier is. If you live in Marshfield and need to report a tree down or near a power line, you can use the webpage reporting tool. If you want to report a tree that seems to threaten a power line, there are the listed phone numbers to call on that same webpage.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Marshfield?

We will finish your guide by looking at the costs associated with having a tree removed here in the greater Marshfield area:

  • The low average price paid for tree removal in Marshfield, MA, $189
  • The high average price paid for tree removal in Marshfield, MA, $2,044
  • The overall average price paid for tree removal in Marshfield, MA, $646

Those average prices posted above also include the following:

  • The average cost associated with hiring labor for a tree removal project in Marshfield, MA
  • The average costs for material and supplies
  • Fees associated with site prep and clean up

Those average prices posted above do not include:

  • Permits for removing a tree in Marshfield, MA
  • Sales taxes on material and supplies for Plymouth County and Massachusetts State
  • Sales taxes on material and supplies for the City of Marshfield (local sales taxes)

Now, here are three situations that can cause your cost to have a tree removed in Marshfield to increase or possibly decrease.

Size Matters

The price of your tree removal will always depend on the size of the tree in question. The average removal cost of $646 is for a medium sized tree. If your tree is larger than that, you can expect to pay a bit more in the end. Likewise, smaller trees will typically cost less.

Bigger Tree = More Resources

If your tree is located in an area that may be hard to get to, or possibly the traffic may need to be re-routed around your tree project, then it requires more of our crew members to get the job done safely. More resources equal more money paid by you.

Is Your Tree Already on the Ground?

Perhaps your tree removal project consists of a tree that is down without causing any property damage. This would require more of a tree clean-up than tree removal, which will generally cost significantly less.


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