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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Hermitage?

Heritage trees and historical trees surround The Hermitage, creating an excellent shaded presence in the area. However, the trees that thrive also must battle disease and infestations to maintain their appearance. Native species like walnuts, pine, and hemlock all face disaster from insects or diseases. Cankers and root rot disfigure and destroy trees’ beauty. Rust spots and aphids eat away foliage. Emerald Ash borers, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, and Boxwood blights kill the trees from the inside out.

Does the City of Hermitage Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

There is no program for the average homeowner to request funds to remove fallen trees from their properties. However, there are statewide financial assistance plans for those who choose to begin private forests to aid in maintenance and growth. While the benefits are given to those who meet the requirements, they aim to conserve forests and cleaner water. Should a natural disaster occur, there is even a program to assist with the cost of replacing trees that have been damaged. None of the programs will cover 100% of the price but will help maintain the forested areas on a property.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Hermitage?

Many things happen when trees fall. Structures are damaged, people can be harmed, fences fall, but the most troubling is how to pay for removing the fallen tree. One of the main things to remember is not cutting up a tree yourself, as fallen trees and limbs may have pressure exerted against them that cause snapbacks once the area is cut. Hiring a professional like us to care for a dangerous situation is the best choice. But who is responsible for paying for it?

If You Are a Homeowner?

Homeowners are responsible for damages to the property which they own. They are under obligation to remove dangers from the land promptly. A tree that has fallen can cause many risks, including fire risk, further injury, further structural damage, infestation hazard, and spread disease to other land areas if not correctly cared for. If a tree falls over property lines, the portion of the tree and damages on the homeowner’s property is their responsibility. Most homeowner insurances can cover damages from fallen objects. Check the policy for information.

If You Are a Renter?

Renters are responsible for maintaining the rental home’s appearance on the inside and, depending on the contract, the outside. Trees are not typically in the rental agreement and therefore are not within the renter’s realm of responsibility. However, the contract may be specific enough that the maintenance and pruning be the renter’s responsibility. Fallen trees and damages from such are usually the landlord’s responsibility, depending on the contract’s terms. Renters benefit from having enough insurance and flood coverage on their possessions to replace or repair their items.

If You Are a Landlord?

Eventually, all the weight of the maintenance or clean-up of the rental property is the landlord’s responsibility. Fallen trees and damages from storms are under the landlord’s care and need to be reported to the landlord’s insurance company. Renters may be responsible for the maintenance of inside the home or some of the vegetation outside. Still, unless the contract specifically states that the renter must fund the removal of fallen trees and debris, it is firmly in the landlords’ hands.

If You Are a Neighbor?

Even lawyers will encourage communication between neighbors to produce an amicable resolution to fallen trees of encroaching limbs and roots. Though there are rules that support a neighbor in both areas, it is best to understand neighbors for the funding of such ventures. While a homeowner is responsible for the care and maintenance of a tree to prevent a fall during a storm, it is not always possible to prevent it. The fall of a healthy tree can damage both properties, and both property owners are responsible for their damages and removal. However, neglected trees may carry liability for the tree’s owner. Limbs and roots that encroach can be trimmed back to the property line so long as it does not damage the tree.

It’s good to remember that trees grow in whichever direction they choose, no matter who owns them. Neighbors that agree on pruning and maintenance, especially for shared trees, will have better footing when the tree falls. Selecting a qualified arborist like Tree Triage for the annual inspection of trees can be beneficial should any damages occur.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Hermitage?

Hermitage is an area well known for growing cotton, oat, wheat, and corn. The soils are well suited and nourish the plants well. The silt loam covering much of the area drains well, leaving less chance of growing fungi or root rots. Excess rains can contribute to the water bacteria taking hold. The ground is easy for trees to dig and anchor into. Excessive flooding can cause the soils to loosen and allow trees to lose footing and fall. Our arborists will consider the tree’s species when making suggestions on any changes necessary for the continued growth of a tree, though most will not need many changes.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Hermitage?

The climate in Hermitage is sunny and warm, with above-average rain and snow throughout the year. Though the temperature does not usually get very hot, the winter can get below freezing. The freezing temperatures and the build-up of snow on limbs can cause sap cracking and limb breakage from the snow’s weight. Storms can be strong enough to break weakened limbs, and tornadoes can pick up trees and lay them down quickly, though it is not typical to see these types of storms. Spring brings ample rain to assist trees in getting all the nutrients they need to recover from winter and race into growth.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Hermitage?

First of all, the rule regarding trees touching or near power lines is: Do not touch them. Trees can conduct electricity, and lines can arch electricity up to 10ft. While it may seem innocent, trees that touch the lines pose a danger to the line itself and a fire risk. Professionals who are trained to trim these trees will need to be alerted by calling Nashville Electric Service. They have a program that assists with removing trees directly under pole-to-pole lines and replacing trees at least 15 feet away from the lines. They have multiple trimming options and choose the best option depending on the tree’s location. The lines between the home and the pole do not pose a risk to the communities’ power, and it will be the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain a professional like us to prune or remove the tree in question.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Hermitage?

The average cost of tree removal in Hermitage is $621 and will take approximately five hours to complete. However, some factors increase the cost of the job up to $2,000 in some cases, including safety issues, tree size, multiple trees, emergent services, stump problems, and debris removal. The distance between the location of the tree and the road will also play a significant factor in cost.

Safety and Equipment

The number one goal of our arborists is the safety of our crew. While a healthy tree can be cut easily and lowered down in pieces, an unhealthy tree can pose risks even when climbing the tree. Additional equipment may be necessary to remove the tree pieces and lower them to the ground safely and adequately. Each piece of equipment carries a maintenance fee that will cover fuel costs, cleaning, repair, oiling, and other maintenance tasks necessary after use. Some equipment and situations will require our specialists to guide or perform the tasks, and they cost extra as well.

Tree Size and Multiples

Small trees, less than 25 feet, do not usually require a big crew or a lot of equipment to bring the pieces down. However, larger trees may require cranes, extra workers, and specialists to lower the five-foot sections without damaging structures or lines. When our inspector comes out to look at the job before drawing up a contract, they will measure each tree’s circumference and the approximate height, add them together, and add any additional services requested to total the bill.

Additional Service Requests

Stump grinding, limb chipping, covering holes, and treating roots may cost an additional charge. Firewood can be requested but will also cost extra due to the amount of time invested in making the cords. Be cautious of the additional requests made on a contract. They can drive the price up between $300 to $1,000 for the extra work. Emergent services can cost as much as twice the original price if there is a great demand.


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