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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Hixson?

In Hixson, the most common issues are tree diseases, pest infestation, and harsh weather. There are general and species-specific diseases affecting a range of trees, like apple, ash, beech, cedar, cypress, dogwood, elm, hemlock, hickory, magnolia, maple, oak, pine, walnut, and willow, among others.

Harsh Weather

Though Hixson’s climate is temperate, with rainfall throughout the year, harsh weather rocks the region from time to time. Prolonged dry weather, especially from the increasing global warming,  affects tree health immensely. Trees require adequate soil moisture to thrive, without which the root system gets damaged. On the other hand, flooding saturates the soil with water, leading to root rot. Root rot is especially prevalent in trees that had their roots damaged by drought. 

High winds and storms also leave devastating effects on trees. Though healthy trees may survive the extreme conditions, they’re left weak and susceptible to disease and pest attacks.

Tree Diseases

Tree diseases affecting Hixson trees range from leaf to root and bark conditions. For instance, powdery mildew affects the leaves and stems of various tree species. As its name suggests, it manifests as a powdery covering on the affected tree parts and usually spreads widely during cold and wet weather.

Anthracnose is another multi-species disease that attacks leaves and blossoms. Most infections are not fatal and can be treated with a fungicide. Other leaf diseases include bacterial blight and fire blight, mold, and needle diseases. Root diseases such as root rot and wilt also affect various tree species and are more fatal than leaf diseases.  

Pest Infestation

Pests love weather-stressed and disease-weakened trees. This is because their immunity is usually too low to stage adequate defense. Insects such as leaf miners, bagworms, beetles, and aphids are pretty common among Hixson trees. 

Leaf miners and bagworms primarily attack leaves, while aphids feed on leaves, stems, and roots. On the other hand, beetles and scale insects mostly attack the stems and branches, but some feed on leaves, too. 

While most of these insects infest various tree species, some species-specific categories devour particular trees. Pest invasion can be eliminated with early treatment, but severe infestation usually results in tree death.

Does the City of Hixson Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Property owners are expected to care for their trees and remove hazardous ones, such as those adversely diseased or pest-infested and dead ones, too. However, if the authorities find such trees on your property, they can demand their removal in writing. If the notice deadline lapses and you haven’t acted upon it, the authorities have the right to enter your property and remove the trees, then charge the costs to you.

You can also remove public trees near your land, whether for site development or safety reasons. However, you should apply for a permit first. But generally, the town’s officials are responsible for maintaining public trees.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Hixson?

Generally, a property owner is responsible for removing a fallen tree on their property. In the case of a boundary tree (one whose trunk sits on adjoining lands), both landowners are responsible for the removal. However, the responsibility is limited to certain situations. For instance, if the tree destroys insured property, the insurance company often shoulders the removal costs alongside compensating the destroyed property. To further break this down, here is how the responsibility applies.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for caring for your trees including removing those that pose a safety hazard, such as dead or dying trees. However, if an act of nature such as a strong wind or thunderstorm falls a tree, causing it to destroy insured property, your homeowners’ compensation should cover part of the removal costs.

If you’re a renter?

Unless the landlord has allowed you to enjoy a tree’s products and wishes to share the costs with you, removing fallen trees is entirely their responsibility. If the tree destroys structures covered under homeowners insurance, the compensation should cater to the removal costs. 

Note that property insurance does not cover the renters’ personal belongings. Damaged personal belongings can only be compensated by renters insurance.

If you’re a landlord?

Just like the homeowners, landlords are responsible for removing their fallen trees. If the tree damages structures covered under property insurance, the compensation should cover the removal costs.

If you’re a neighbor?

If your neighbor’s tree falls across the fence onto your land, they are not responsible for damages caused, unless you have proof that the neighbor had neglected the tree. If the tree damages the insured property, your insurer should compensate you, including covering the removal costs. Even where your insurer pays for the damages, they can still pursue the neighbor if they discover the tree had been neglected.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Hixson?

The health of your trees and the soil they grow in are closely entwined. Poor soils impact the trees’ health negatively, while optimal soil properties are essential for healthy growth. Soil structure is one of the key factors when it comes to growing trees. 

Densely compacted soil, such as clay, is poor in drainage, which leads to root rot, among other problems. It also tends to be acidic, making it less conducive for most tree species. Perhaps, clay’s biggest undoing is that it binds nutrients, hindering their uptake by the roots. However, clay soils are excellent when it comes to offering tree support.

Sandy soils are the extreme opposite of clay soils. They are overly drained, thanks to their large particles. This makes them a poor choice for plant growth as nutrients and water are easily washed away.

Hixson community mainly has a combination of sandy, clay, cherty, and alluvial soils. These combine in different quantities in various regions, offering a range of properties. Note that distinct tree species thrive in different soil types. It’s always recommended to consult us for soil tests and guidance on the ideal soil conditions for the specific tree species you intend to plant.

However, any soil can be improved through treatment. For instance, adding organic matter to sandy soils improves their nutrient and water retention, liming acidic soils help increase their pH, and so forth.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Hixson?

Hixson’s weather is usually temperate, with ample precipitation throughout the year. However, extreme weather conditions hit the region from time to time and they affect tree health. Storms, droughts, floods, and high winds often leave the trees stressed and vulnerable to pest and disease attacks. 

For instance, prolonged dryness damages root systems due to dehydration, while flooding often results in root rot. Similarly, storms snap tree branches, leaving behind wounds that take time to heal. High winds lead to leaf loss mid-season, which interferes with the trees’ food production.   

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Hixson?

Vegetation management along power lines is a joint responsibility of the power companies, authorities, and private landowners. This includes trimming vegetation and keeping the recommended distance in line with the tree’s maturity height during planting. 

The utility company has the primary responsibility of managing vegetation along their power lines. They have an ongoing permit to remove any hazardous trees along their lines, including dead trees. However, they are required to inform the respective tree owner before removing it.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Hixson?

Tree removal cost in Hixson varies depending on various factors. When providing a quote, we often consider the tree size, location, and condition to inform the removal cost. Generally, the removal cost ranges between $250 for smaller trees and $1,900 or more for extra-large trees. However, most people spend about $700 on average. These figures include trunk cutting and clearing. Stump removal cost is usually separate and can range between $70-$200, depending on tree root depth. 

The following factors often impact the cost of the removal:


Tree size is one of the primary cost determinants. The bigger the size of the tree, the more it costs to remove and vice versa. A tree is measured in terms of height, diameter, and crown size. Taller trees often require our team to climb up or use a crane to cut them down. In most cases, they also have much clearing to do as opposed to smaller trees. Similarly, the thicker a tree is, the more effort and time it takes to saw it down. A tree with a large crown will also take more time to cut and clear than one that bears a few branches.  


The tree’s location is another crucial factor that affects the removal cost. Trees located in rough terrains, such as those on steep slopes or near a river, present a higher risk. Hence, they always cost more. Usually, we factor in things like the need for special equipment and the danger it poses to our team. 

Trees standing too close to a building present the same challenges of risk. These require using equipment, such as a crane, to safely remove them without damaging the structure or endangering our crew.


Lastly, we factor in the tree’s condition before arriving at the cost. Usually, healthy trees cost less than dead or diseased trees. This is because heavy equipment is not always needed to remove healthy trees, especially if they are located in an open field. Our crew can climb up the tree and rope down pieces safely. However, this would not be possible with unhealthy trees as they are unsafe. Removing them would require using special equipment, which adds to the cost. 

In the case of a fallen tree, we charge you based on where it’s lying. If it has fallen on the open field, you should expect to pay much less than one resting on top of a building.


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