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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Lenoir City?

Lenoir City lies just half an hour east of Knoxville, in the Appalachian mountains, and next to the Tennessee River. Much of the attraction of the Lenoir City and greater Knoxville area comes from the number of trees in the region. Of course, anytime there are trees, there is also the potential for those trees to face challenges.

One issue facing Hemlock trees in this area of the country is the notorious Hemlock Woolly Adelgid. This insect can destroy a Hemlock within just three to six years. Possible indications of such an infestation include the discoloration or thinning of the tree’s leaves, as well as the presence of the insect’s eggs. 

Another disease facing trees in the Loudon County area has been a thousand cankers disease, which was discovered around Knoxville in 2010. The walnut twig beetle contributes to the spread of this disease when it tunnels into the trunks or branches of black walnuts because it spreads the spores that cause the disease. The most prominent initial visual symptom of the disease is the presence of the “thousand cankers” that emerge near the beetle egg galleries. As the disease increasingly affects the tree, leaves will begin to wilt and yellow in mid-summer, and the crown begins to thin. 

If you’re concerned about the possible disease in a tree on your property, feel free to reach out to us at Tree Triage for a consultation.

Does the City of Lenoir City Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Lenoir City does not provide assistance with tree removal problems. If you have a tree on your private property that appears damaged or diseased, you will want to call a professional tree service such as Tree Triage.

The Loudon County Highway Department does focus on tree removal when right-of-way trees have died and appear ready to fall. The highway department also removes trees that have the potential to shade roads and cause black ice in the winter. During the summer months, the department focuses its efforts on downed trees or trees that have lost all of their leaves due to disease. The department asks that you notify them if you see a dead tree on a right of way.

It should be noted that Loudon County places a great deal of emphasis on trees, as evidenced by the County’s zoning ordinance. For example, the ordinance states that for commercial developments, ” Landscaping shall include trees, shrubs, ground cover, perennials, annuals, art, and the use of building and construction materials in a manner that respects the natural topographic features and natural resources of the site. A detailed landscape plan shall be submitted with the site plan when requesting a building permit.” 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Lenoir City?

Generally speaking, trees on your property are your responsibility. Therefore, if you have a fallen tree on your property, you will need to find a way to remove it or have it removed. But it may help to break things down further. If so, read on for some information on how different roles may have different rights and responsibilities when it comes to tree removal on a property. 

If you are a homeowner?

As mentioned previously, homeowners can generally expect that if a tree on your property needs to be removed, the removal will be up to you. That said, it’s always a good idea to check your insurance policy to see whether it can help pay for any of those services. Insurance companies often cover at least some portion of the costs of tree removal, although you would also want to factor in your deductible before deciding whether to ask your insurance company to foot the bill. 

If you are a renter?

Renters in Lenoir City should not expect to bear the cost of removing any fallen trees at their homes. That is the responsibility of the landlord since he or she is the property owner. If you are a renter and spot a diseased or damaged tree on the property, do let your landlord know as soon as possible so that they can take care of it in a timely manner. 

If you are a landlord?

Because they are the property owner, a landlord will be expected to pay for the removal costs of any tree rooted on his or her property that has become diseased or has died. The only possible exception to this might be in the case that something has been written into the lease to indicate that the renter is responsible for tree maintenance. 

If you are a neighbor?

This is where things get more complex. Questions about neighbors, trees, and property lines have gone to the courts for decades or even hundreds of years, and every state has different laws on the matter. If you’d like to delve into the ins and outs of trees and property lines in Tennessee, the University of Tennessee Extension program guide legal issues related to tree ownership in Tennessee may be of assistance. One key concept to keep in mind from this guide is that of the shared tree: a shared tree is one where a property line passes through any portion of its trunk. Another important piece of Tennessee law regarding neighbors and trees is that “an adjoining landowner may prune away roots or other vegetation intruding upon the property line at his or her own expense if roots or vegetation create a nuisance or cause harm or potential harm to the adjoining property.” 

Do keep in mind that if you find yourself in a dispute with a neighbor over a tree, your best bet will be to try to work things out informally. Many local jurisdictions offer mediation services for this sort of issue. With mediation, you can work to reach an amicable agreement while maintaining a good relationship with your neighbor. After all, there is little worse than feuding with the person next door. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Lenoir City?

The soil in Eastern Tennessee is mostly of the clay variety. As a result, drainage may be a concern for those trying to keep their trees healthy. Clay soil does not drain nearly as well as more sandy soil, and this lack of drainage can create health problems for trees because it does not always allow nutrients to properly reach the tree. For this reason, trees that can tolerate moisture generally have the most success in clay soil.

Clay soil does have at least one advantage over other types, however: it attracts positive nutrient ions and can store large amounts of these nutrients. Plants that can otherwise tolerate the lack of drainage may grow particularly well under these conditions. 

One other thing to keep in mind is the often sloped terrain on which soil around Lenoir City sits. Sloped terrain can lead to erosion, which can in turn create challenges for tree health. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Lenoir City?

Severe storms can impact Lenoir City with some regularity, particularly during the spring and summer months. There have even been known to be tornadoes in the area. Severe storms can seriously damage or even kill trees by knocking them over, sometimes onto power lines, homes, or cars. 

In Lenoir City, the occasional ice storm cannot be ruled out, either. Ice storms can be very hard on trees, weighing them down and occasionally causing them to topple over. 

Finally, Loudon County is currently listed as being abnormally dry by the federal government. Dry conditions can be hard on tree health, particularly if they end up becoming so extended as to constitute a drought. Trees need water to maintain proper health and wellbeing. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Lenoir City?

Lenoir City’s severe storms can blow trees into power lines with some frequency, causing power outages and the potential for life-threatening injury. Should you see dead trees on or near high voltage power lines, the best thing to do is to contact the Lenoir County Utility Board. You are highly discouraged from attempting to deal with issues near high voltage lines yourself. The results could be fatal. 

It is important to keep in mind, however, that you are responsible for trimming trees near the low voltage service wires on your property. Should you fail to properly trim trees near the low voltage wires on your property and have resulting property damage, you will be responsible for all financial costs associated with the damages.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Lenoir City?

The average cost to remove a tree in Lenoir City is around $560, although of course, many considerations can bump the cost up or down. A typical range for tree removal cost in Lenoir City is from $274 to $1,846. This may seem steep, but the alternative could be even worse. If a tree were to end up falling on your home or someone else’s, you could be on the hook for much greater costs, particularly if you were found to be negligent in removing diseased trees on your property. It’s best to tackle these sorts of projects early before it’s too late. 


If a tree that you want to be removed is already on the ground in an easily accessible spot, your bill will likely be for less. Given the hilly terrain around Lenoir City, this may be something you will want to keep in mind when contacting us for tree removal service.


The more work it is to remove a tree, the more it is going to cost the homeowner. And given the number of large trees in eastern Tennessee, along with Loudoun County’s prioritization of large trees, size could easily end up being a factor in your overall tree removal costs.


Some other factors that may contribute to increased costs include:

  • You have made an emergency call to our arborists
  • Any other materials are needed
  • Services are at peak demand after a storm

Now here are some things that might decrease the price:

  • You only need to cut off a branch rather than remove the entire tree
  • The tree is within easy reach
  • A smaller team of ours can accomplish the job


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